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Sales & Marketing Training Program

Organization Chart

Following is the organization chart.

Presentation by Department Head

This presentation will be delivered by department head.

About Axonator Platform

Videos to Understand Axonator in Detail

  • At Axonator, we believe companies need a simpler, faster way to develop powerful solutions. In this video, Jayesh Kitukale, the founder of Axonator, speaks about our proprietary Axonator no-code/low code platform. The video sheds light on four Axonator components i.e., form builder, workflow builder, reports and dashboards, and integrators and connectors, and how these tools help companies develop powerful solutions in a simpler way.
  • Every business needs custom software to fulfill its specific business requirements. The Axonator low-code platform does exactly this with its pre-built components including a form builder, workflow builder, report & dashboard builder, and integrator & connectors. From these videos, you will understand these pre-built components including, their capabilities, and some possible use cases. 
    • View these videos to learn:
      1. What are Axonator components and how anyone can use these components to create enterprise-ready solutions?
      2. More about platform capabilities, features, and their use cases.
    • Demo video 1 Link: Axonator Demo Part 1.
    • Demo video 2 Link: Axonator Demo Part 2.
  • For more details, visit Axonator Channel: Axonator Channel Links.
  • How we build an app: Solution Building


Competitors of Axonator

You can see the competitors of Axonator.

Share update report at EOD summarizing your today’s learning and questions if you have.

  1. What is Axonator?
  2. What do we do?
  3. How we do it?
  4. How we are different?
  5. What is our vision?
  6. What is our mission?

There will be QA session on this with reporting manager

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