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Sales & USLG Learnings

USP of our Axonator

Axonator is the only company that provides product plus services. Many services companies are there but they don’t have a platform so their time and cost are higher. Many product companies are there but their product is not flexible and they can’t customize 100%. Axonator is a truly unique zero-code platform that can provide exactly what you need at a lesser cost compared to other options!!

1. Things which you need to make lead understand in the demo about Axonator

  • People shouldn’t think everything is very easy with our platform (like other pure product)
  • People shouldn’t think they will have to spend a lot of time and money (like other pure services)
  • To explain why it takes some time to build (but not as much as pure service)
  • Why the cost is higher than normal ready product and services
  • the pure product doesn’t fit their needs and customizability is limited in them.
  • Pure services are higher costs and more time consuming
  • Now, most people will think if everything is not ready then it’s bad news. Now it is good news. Because you will get exactly what your business needs.

2. When someone says that they have ready platform

  • Our zero-code platform is highly flexible and lets you build apps within weeks without coding. This can augment your current application. They have their own proprietary mobile platform means he doesn’t have a platform. Nobody has a platform. They have apps that are developed using pure services vendors.
  • Ask questions like are there any challenges you are facing in your existing apps?
  • Convince to check out the platform by telling how it is different. Tell them drawbacks of vendors/high-cost long time to build etc.
  • Does your customer ask to use their own checklist and forms? If yes then how do you use their paper forms and checklists in your software?

3. Objections handling & Tips by JK

  • Many people have concern that zero code platforms have limitations and we have to handle this objection in this way: Our platform doesn’t limit us because it is constantly evolving with every project we deliver. Our platform is not static and frozen but we modify it to suit our needs for every new project. Couple this with our development team, which quickly adapts the platform to support new use cases. You have the best of both worlds: zero/low code and traditional development abilities. Essentially we are a services company delivering digital transformation projects faster due to our constantly evolving zero-code platform. This also significantly reduces the cost of deliveries passing this benefit to our customers.
  • And also try normal business process automation messages with our unique platform-based services.
  • We will say we are low code platform, do you want to do any digital transformation project to automate field and office workflows
  • Our licensing is lower than Salesforce and ServiceNow and our mobile app is better.
  • What we have to say is we provide custom app development services for facility management, quality management, complex surveys, (add more). Our specialty is these services are faster and cheaper because of our platform.

Sales or Demo Tips

Tell Them: We are a custom mobile app development services company but with a difference: we use a our home-grown award winning low code platform to deliver mobile and web apps at lightening speed while managing your costs.

International email lead Terminology

Use the exact form and checklists names. (if we use exact names and terminology, they get impressed)

While use words in demo like (requirement validation call)

4. Email Template/LinkedIn Message (Note: This template is NOT FOR IT Head/CTO/CIO/Operations)

Do you know why fortune 500 FM companies like CBRE, ISS, Tenon FM, Colliers International are using our Axonator mobile app platform? Because surprisingly it is helping them bag new customers who are increasingly tech-savvy and more demanding in terms of instant and professional-grade reporting.

Now, you might have procured a CMMS software but how flexible it is, how well it works? Can you customize it for your customers quickly? Every client of yours has a different need, has different checklists, and different workflows. Are your reports automatically generated, approved, and sent to your customers? Do the reports look very professional?

Axonator is a very unique platform because instead of building apps from scratch using costly developers or keeping every feature ready (hardcoded app), it uses a zero-code platform optimized for field workforce to build custom apps in record time, in a matter of weeks, without writing a single line of code. Starting from 2020 the world is adopting zero code platforms for rapid digital transformation for obvious reasons of cost and time savings.

Most companies have, by now, realized that the ready-made apps don’t suit their needs precisely and end up into silo systems, and are difficult to use resulting in manual work. While most software products claim they are customizable but the degree of flexibility they offer is hardly usable. On the other hand, using developers, in-house or outsourced, has proven beyond doubt that it is not only a costly affair but ridden with frustrations and failed projects.

Axonator is a cloud-based low-CapEx-intensive solution with a subscription pricing model.

Unlike other product companies, we act as your long-term technology partner. I strongly encourage you to take a look and see for yourself how powerful it is and how it can change the way digital transformation is executed in your organization.

Here is our Axonator FM platform. Please take a look once.

If you are interested I’ll arrange a free demo of our Axonator CMMS software for you with no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

5. Email sent to Ben

Hi Ben,

As discussed on LinkedIn that you are looking for CMMS/Facility Software, I’m providing some more information about Axonator facility management software.

I saw you were part of ISS previously. We are delivered Axonator facility management software to ISS recently. It’s integrated facility management software and has all CMMS/CAFM/IWMS modules that are highly essential for companies like ISS.

(I have attached the case study which will present all modules we delivered to ISS)

Talking specifically about facility management software customers then, CBRE, Tenon FM, Colliers International, QPMS, CLR facility services, John Hopkins University, Mercedes-Benz, UCL – Global University of London, Orlando International Airport, US government agencies – These companies are using our Axonator Mobile Platform for the digital transformation of facility management for asset management, corrective/preventive maintenance, janitorial/housekeeping, and technical checklists, inventory management, helpdesk management, space and parking management, work order management, ticket management system, attendance management.

Axonator is a zero-code mobile-first rapid digital transformation platform. Using Axonator we can build checklists, any technical & non-technical forms, automate the workflow of sending reports, approvals, assigning tickets, preventive and corrective work orders, asset management, etc. This helps to fit our platform into your facility management processes precisely, as every organization has own processes and way of working.

I would love to schedule a call and understand your challenges and high-level requirements of CMMS/facility software.

Please let me know your availability next week to schedule a call. 


1. ISS case study and list of modules

2. Work order management (calendar view)

3. Predictive analysis report (generated automatically from Axonator)

4. Site visit report (generated automatically from Axonator when staff members submit site inspection from the mobile app)

5. Performance dashboard (track what is happening on customers sites)

Note: We will present these and other facility management modules in the call.

LinkedIn Follow up Message

1. While Sharing Case study

Hi Name,

I’ve been thinking more about how we can help you in your Digital Transformation.

I thought you might be interested in what we did with one of our renowned clients when they dealt with the same challenges.

Here’s a quick overview: Attaché the CLR Case study

Let me know if you need anything else. 

2. While Sharing YouTube Video

Name, I’m sharing a short video and an overview of our CMMS software with you. I think once you watch this 1 min video it will definitely help you to understand how our CMMS software works and we can discuss it more effectively.

It will help you to explore our high-level features and modules. (Add YouTube video link here)

Would you like to set up a call to understand more about how this solution is not only rapid but also cost-effective?

Please let me know your thoughts on this?


3. While sharing Axonator website Page link.

Did you get a chance to go through my previous message?

Here is an overview of our Axonator FM platform. Please take a look once.

(Add Axonator FM page link here)

Let me know your thoughts on this. If you help with your available slots next week, I will schedule the call accordingly.


How to send effective emails to inquiries

Do not send templatized email to the inquries.
These people forward such emails internally with other team members or with management so in such cases they may feel we don’t provide what they need.

Yes it is always good to share more but with a proper transition.

One example here:

Imagine you wrote,
Hi xyz,

I’m summarizing our discussion here,
You need vendor management, property and leasing management, rent and expenses management and FM modules
etc etc….

Just for your reference, I’m sharing some more information about our platform…
and then write your template here
Such emails will help when they forward to other people involved in project internally may from procurement, higher management, IT, etc.

Sales Training Needed

  1. All sales team must learn from recent emails that clients are ready to wait and do proper discovery call. If they are not ready they are not serious clients. We don’t want those clients who don’t understand. They don’t understand because they don’t have experience n their life of serious work/business. They don’t know good things take time. they are not successful in their business. All good clients understand that it takes time for demo/ questions/solutions development/proposal making etc.
  2. The client who says give me a proposal now or I will go to a different vendor is not serious clients and doesn’t have money at all.
  3. Always remember that we are not selling Naukri/resume or quikr or oyo packages. we are selling serious solutions to serious multi-million dollar businesses.
  4. Only a few companies in the world will give exact solutions to clients’ problems and amazing services by listening to clients and communicating timely and proactively.

Lead qualification and Evaluation process

Tell me how you evaluated seriousness of the client? What makes you think this is platinum client and whether they can pay us proper price for this?

Points which you need to use in your sales pitch

  1. Because of mobile focus, support of advanced real world modeling which no other platform supports (and you have to actually say these lines and not just show object and actions form and hope they will understand we are different) over years
  2. Axonator is the only drag and drop platform in the world which supports truly real world non-trivial mobile forms and workflows applications
  3. Because Axonator is bulit to support very simple to very complex scenarios in the same platform forgoing the need to switch platforms when you progress through your organizational journey of digital transformation.
  4. Axonator supports your organization as your needs evolve
  5. The problem is we have to explain the meaning of simplicity because every product company says their product is simple, simplicity means simple forms, submit and reports are generated straight forward.
  6. Many complex software are designed making them hard to use, like to create a simple report they have to first assign a task to the user and then the user has to take multiple steps and then generate reports and so on.
  7. Our product is simple because we are already focusing on quality so if you say focus on quality then it becomes insult fot our tech team making simple product is harder than making complex software. our product is technically complex so that it is simple for users making software easy and simple for users is complex task and requires smart people and more work.
  8. We are different because of…

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