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Invoice Creation Request

Document VersionRevision DateAuthorRevision Notes
0.111/13/2020Vinay KardileInvoice creation request process documented.
0.202/03/2022Dhanashri LokhandeUpdated invoice formats and recurring invoice request email format

Description: Whenever you need to send an invoice to the client, please follow this process of requesting invoice creation to the finances team. They will create the invoice, take necessary approvals, and send it to the client.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Fill the above table – write all details
  2. Send this email to the finance team
  3. The finance team will create an invoice and use the desired format – formats are mentioned below
  4. Once the invoice is ready, the finance team will send it for internal approval
  5. Once approved, it will be sent to the client

Invoice Creation Request – for Sales Team


Email Subject: Invoice Creation Request: <Client Name>

Email Body: Copy the above excel table if any special comment is needed then only add that in the email body.

CC:,,,, <sales rep>

Invoice Creation Process – for Finance Team

Following are the three formats of invoices. From the requested details, you will create the invoice and send to the client.


Notes: Make sure you use proper currencies while creating the invoice.

1. Once you create the invoice show it to the approver. (approver:
2. Make sure you have copied all concerned team members in the email
3. Once you get approval then send the invoice to the client
4. Also notify the sales team once you send the invoice.

TO: Client email
CC: sales team,,,

Email Subject: Axonator Invoice: <Month-year>

Email Body:
Hi <Name>,

Hope you are doing well.
Please find the attached invoice for the month of <mention month>.
Here is the invoice description:
Period of invoice:

Please acknowledge once you receive the invoice.
Let me know once you proceed with the payment.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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