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All Marketing Checklist

Perfect SEO Page Checklist

  1. Purpose Driven Landing Page
  2. Killer Headline
  3. Focus on Benefits
  4. Conversational Copy
  5. Persuasion
  6. No Distraction
  7. Relevant Visuals
  8. Shorter Forms
  9. First Fold
  10. Clear CTA
  11. Mobile Friendly
  12. Website Speed

On-Page Optimization Checklist

  1. Keyword in Title + modifier (Ex: in 2021, Updated, New Guide, etc), Add question
  2. Keyword in meta description
  3. Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 tags
  4. Link to keyword (internal or external) using anchor text
  5. Add minimum 4 original images with keyword in ALT tags
  6. At least one external link to high authority site
  7. Link to minimum 5 internal resources
  8. Keyword in URL
  9. Green score on Yoast
  10. User keyword minimum 5 times in the post
  11. Use 5 variations of long tail keyword in the same post
  12. Use 5 semantic keywords
  13. Write a nice intro – Should have keyword in it
  14. Write a nice concluding paragraph (Add CTA)
  15. Index after intro paragraph is there are points
  16. LSI (Latent Semantic indexing) – Relevant keywords, refer to bottom of SERP
  17. Keep article length more than 1800 words. 2400 is a good number.
  18. Achieve Grade 7 or above in Hemingway
  19. Update Once in 3-4 months
  20. Add FAQ schema (optional, applicable to landing pages)

Keyword Research Checklist

  1. Brainstorm keywords with similar meanings
  2. Learn about variations from Google’s first page
  3. Learn from auto-suggest keywords
  4. Find keywords used on competitor’s website
  5. Get variations from Keyword research tools (SEMrush, ahref, Ubersuggest)
  6. Get high intent keywords from Google/Bing keyword planner
  7. Identify ‘questions’ around the keyword
  8. Analyze titles of PR 1
  9. Consider Geo targeting
  10. List long tail keywords (4-5)
  11. Categorize keywords into funnel stages (TOFU [what], MOFU[how], BOFU[reviews])
  12. Get keywords from Wikipedia & YouTube
  13. Focus on search intent
  14. Add Industries Specific Keywords

Distribution Checklist

  1. Gather Reviews from Customer on Product Listing Sites
  2. Publish Axonator FM on their website and get discount
  3. Video Testimonial
  4. Top 10 Product Listings
  5. Top Performing 20 Quora Questions for the Keywords
  6. Videos on YouTube
  7. Publish Articles
  8. Publish E-Mails to All Leads and Customers About New Sessions, Webinar, E-Book (Send them valuable information)

Graphic Checklist

  1. Web page content should be correct without any spelling or grammatical errors, with Capitalization
  2. H1, H2, H3, Paragraph font size, font weight, line height check
  3. Container’s left and right margin
  4. Even spaces between section all over page
  5. Even spaces between elements in section
  6. All the text should be properly aligned.
  7. Tool tip text should be there for every field.
  8. All the fields should be properly aligned.
  9. All the buttons should be in a standard format and size.
  10. Disabled fields should be grayed out.
  11. Check for broken links and images.
  12. Confirmation message should be displayed for any kind of update and delete operation.
  13. Check the site on different resolutions (640 x 480, 600×800 etc.?)
  14. Check the tab should work properly.
  15. Scroll bar should appear only if required.
  16. If there is an error message on submit, the information filled by the user should be there.
  17. Checked on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
  18. “Upload Graphics and Licenses to Google Drive of Freepik or Envato
  19. Check Copyright Images

Content Live Checklist

  1. Global Font Set for all elements
  2. Global styles added for all sections
  3. Camel case check
  4. Form check, if any
  5. Responsive test
  6. H1, H2, H3 proper assignment

Blog Promotion and Distribution Checklist

  1. Blog Promotion and Optimization Checklist
  2. Insert internal links in 5 other blog post
  3. Write 5 answers on Quora
  4. Submit on Google WMT and Bing
  5. Publish on Social Media in 20 variation (Use Lumen5)
  6. Post on LinkedIn (Company + Personal)
  7. Post on Medium
  8. Repurpose on SlideShare
  9. Turn it into video
  10. Send a newsletter
  11. In-app Notification / Login Screen
  12. Promote in 10 FB Groups
  13. Promote in 10 LinkedIn Groups
  15. Growth hackers
  16. Triberr
  17. Quu Promote

Technical Checklist

Issues Faced:
1. Sitemap is Automatically Replace with Chinees URLs
2. Search Result for Axonator was Shown Chinees URL
3. Axonator Search Result Pages Redirected to Chinees Website
4. WordFence Security Plugin is Not Updated
5. Backdoor Code Entry Sign found on Website
How We Resolved the Issues:
1. Replace Sitemap with New One (Added XML Sitemap Plugin and Update the Sitemap)
2. Update WordFence Security Plugin
3. Scan Using WordFence
4. Delete Backdoor Entry Code and All Suspicious Activities Suggested by WordFence
5. Checked Search Result for Axonator and Disavow  Spammy Links
6. Update All Plugins and Elementor New Version
7. Checked Robot.txt File and Block Sitemap if it Contains Spammy Links (Block Sitemap with Spammy Links Only)
8. Checked All Forced Index URL and Block it

Content Updation and Optimization Checklist

1. Recent 5/10 Leads Analysis for Particular Page that You are going to Optimize
2. The check can Inquiries Matches the Page Content
3. Check Competitor Landing Pages and Find Out Where We are Lacking
4. Rewrite out-of-date paragraphs
5. Add links to your new content
6. Update the Title to Include the Keyword
7. Do Redirection after Changing the URL Slug
8. Update the URL Slug to Include the Keyword
9. Check All CTA Buttons – Do not add Signup button on Solution Page
10. H1 Tag Must Contain the Keyword
11. Include the Keyword in the First 100 Words
12. Change the Publishing date to today
13. Submit URL in Webmaster for Re-Indexing
14. Check All Heading (Make it Simple and Attractive)
15. Add FAQs on Landing Page (According to the Page)
16. Check All Graphics are Relevant or Not
16. Check and Add Internal Liking
17. Check Backlinks for Particular Page and Competitor Page
18. Content Review and Graphic Review

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