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Do’s and Don’ts for Sales Team

Here are Dos and Don’ts that are important to follow when you are talking to customers or presenting a demo.


Here are the points that you should avoid using while talking to the lead/customer

  1. Don’t use the word “Development”
  2. Don’t say we will “develop” your app
  3. Don’t use the word “customized” which means we can not customize it further
  4. Don’t over-promise your prospect. If they ask about the feasibility and you are not sure tell them we will discuss it with the team and get back to you by email. But make sure you get them back on email and actually discuss this with the team.
  5. Don’t say “Axonator is a brand of WhiteSnow”
  6. Don’t say we are “Facility management software” or we are approaching to sell “Facility Management Software”


Here are the points you should use while talking to the lead/customer

1. What is Axonator?

A no-code mobile app builder platform for field workflow automation

2. What Do We Do?

Field workflow automation

3. How Do We Do It?

Using no-code mobile app builder platform

4. How Are You Different:

  1. From Services Companies – Platform
  2. From Mobile Forms Products – Support Complex Scenarios
  3. From Workflow Automation – Field Workflow Automation/Field Focus
  4. From Field Workflow Automation Platforms – Overly Complex and High in Cost

5. What is Your Mission?

Make digital transformation faster and accessible to everyone!

6. How Do you Make it Faster and Accessible?

1. Faster – Using no-code mobile app builder platform

2. Accessible – The DIY platform for companies who want to build apps on their own, offer a free plan

7. What is Your Vision?

The World on Mobile

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