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Keyword Research – Checklist

Brainstorm keywords with similar meaningsIn this step, you have to find keywords that have a similar meaning to your targeted keywords. Let say you are targeting “Facility Management Software” so you can also target “FM Software”, “Facility Management System” etc.
Learn about variations from Google’s first pageSearch your targeted query on Google and take a note of all the keywords variation from Google first page
Learn from auto-suggest keywordsConsider all Keywords Ideas from the People Also Ask Section and the Suggestion that appear in the last of the result page
Find keywords used on competitor’s websiteFind out your direct competitor first. Take a reference from your competitors landing pages, check their keyword variation and density
Get variations from Keyword research tools (SEMrush, ahref, Ubersuggest)Login into SEMRush + Open Keyword Magic Tool + Type your keyword, You will get all the suggestions related to your keyword
Get high intent keywords from Google/Bing keyword plannerKeyword Planner is a tool of Google, is available in Google AdWords account. Login into your Google Ad account + Go to Setting + Keyword Planner + Discover New Keywords. Here you will get the all possible keywords relevant to your keyword.
Identify ‘questions’ around the keywordGoogle is probably giving high weightage to Questions and Answer. Create a list of all possible real-time questions related to your keyword. Refer people also ask section on SERP. You can use the tool called “Answer the Public” for the same.
Analyze titles of PR 1The title is the most important ranking factor of Google. While choosing the title take a reference of all the competitors and 1st page Google listing results.
Consider geo-targetingWhile doing keyword research always consider the Geo-Targeting. Country or region-specific keywords are easy to rank. “CAFM Software in Dubai” is one of the examples of Geo-Targeting.
List long-tail keywords (4-5)We can target long-tail keywords in articles that are difficult to target on the landing page. Choose at least 4/5 long-tail keywords while making the keyword strategy.
Categorize keywords into funnel stages (TOFU [what], MOFU[how], BOFU[reviews])We can not target all the keywords into a single landing page so in that situation we create a piller page of the main page and we bifurcate our research keywords into TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel), and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel). This method simply states divide your content into informational, conversational, and competitive funnels.
Get keywords from Wikipedia & YouTubeWikipedia is a get source of content. Just type your keyword in Wikipedia and pickup the keywords ideas from there.
Focus on search intentHere you have to calculate what exactly user searching for.

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