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Checklist for testing after a Production update

After the Production update below things needs to be checked-


  1. Check data on the Data tab (Auto layout, Table layout, Card view)
  2. Data edit
  3. Data export (Data, custom exports, and attendance export)
  4. Advanced search
  5. Saved filter
  6. Data import– from the excel sheet
  7. Data import– old version to new version
  8. Check Card view with existing data, check by submitting new data, check by creating a new card, check delete card view.
  9. Clear Data functionality (It should delete the data for the current version)
    NOTE: Be careful while checking this feature, check if collections are used in the app before clearing the data.

Onboarding process-

  1. Check from the sign up till data submission
  2. Check using the quick app wizard button in the account

Form builder-

  1. When any new property is added to any widget or form properties is added then check this on existing forms or widgets (Asset and Actions)
  2. Check by creating new forms with all the widgets and new properties.
  3. Check by deleting existing forms.
  4. Check by making changes in existing forms
  5. Form builder- Visibility, validity, and list filter conditions
  6. Check public form

Workflow builder-

  1. Check existing workflow execution (Default and custom)
  2. Check Adhoc submissions
  3. Check manual task assignments from web and phone
  4. Check by creating task from the web
  5. Check by creating new workflows
  6. Check by deleting existing workflows
  7. Check by activating/ deactivating the workflows


  1. Check tasks list
  2. Task export
  3. Advanced search
  4. Saved filter

Report builder-

  1. Check existing reports are working or not, check if any new feature is added then it is working on the existing report or not (Document and Email)
  2. Check Creating new reports (Document, Email, Excel templates)
  3. Check by deleting existing reports
  4. Check existing and new visibility conditions on the report builder (Document and Email)


Check this feature if any changes are made to this feature

  1. Check by add/ delete/edit app user
  2. Check import user functionality with different file formats
  3. Assigning roles, deleting roles, Adding roles and removing roles
  4. Set a password for a particular user
  5. Access permission and form permission
  6. Add app user/Add & invite user
  7. Add user from the existing user’s list tab
  8. App users and organization users


Check this feature when any changes are made in this feature, data sync, or data import module

  1. Check existing events that are scheduled
  2. Check by creating new events
  3. Check by importing the data whether events are getting created or not
  4. Check all the events and User filters on the calendar view
  5. Check event details

Attendance app-

Check the attendance app when any changes are made in it or in the data sync module

  1. Check existing attendance forms
  2. Check by creating new forms
  3. Check attendance export from the user’s tab

Overall testing-

  1. UI changes (Check all the screens on different resolutions) (High Priority)
  2. Sign up
  3. Onboarding (Quick App Wizard)
  4. Log in
  5. Onboarding
  6. Check normal forms with child form and reference form
  7. Form script
  8. Custom script
  9. App manifest
  10. App import and Export
  11. Create new app
  12. Delete app
  13. Duplicate app
  14. Publish app for test/version
  15. Create new version functionality
  16. Default dashboard
  17. App logs on the web inside the app (Low priority)
  18. Profile and organization setting (Medium)
  19. Billing(Low)

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