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How to Write a Perfect Email?

This will help you to understand what factors are needed in any email to make it perfect. That could be your cold email to prospects, updates to your customers, handling objectives, etc.

Why do we need to think about this?

While sending any email always think about the psychological impacts and mentality of your target audience. There are 5 C’s you need to consider:

Context: While sending any email first think about context. Set the context, tell your audience why are you sending this email? So set the context: Most recipients won’t go further unless they understand why they are receiving the communication in the first place.
1. Tell your purpose of contacting them and keep it short and to the point
2. Explain urgency if any
3. Explain why you need their attention
4. Cover all possible areas to set the context

Example: “John asked me to send the company profile to you”

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