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Actual Solution Development

Introduction email and welcome call to client

Scope Document Format and examples

All Approval Process

Project Modeling or architecture

Copy App

Event Scheduling
University Link

How to check Version id & account id

How to update account details:

Solution Development:

  1. Deactivate default WF.
  2. List preview of all forms :
  3. How to create excel report: Example: BV India (Daily Machine Report), Kolte Patil and MBI
  4. How to set access permission.
  5. How to set form permission: Example: Unify, CLR, QPMS.
  6. Assign task /create task from web:

Task Assigning to developers

  • Assign bug from JIRA (Mention priority, add expected deadline).
  • Inform them F2F (if possible).
  • If within 4 hours you didn’t get a solution or deadline, then raise it on email (To: Aarohi, CC: Reporting Manager, JP, Account manager from Sales).
  • If task is urgent, immediately raise it on email as well.
  • Take deadline from developer.
  • Inform expected due date.
  • Take follow up from developer on deadline.

Important Instructions while adding issue on JIRA:

  • Mention the issue clearly in the title i.e. MDM Data Submission Issue.
  • .Add required details like: Login credentials, Issue Screenshot, Client’s msg or description of the Issue, your comments or how solutions team tried to resolve it primarily.


If the deadline given by the client is Thursday, and the task includes developers’ work/help, please tell them their deadline as Monday (and not Thursday). So that, the solutions team will get at least one day to test the work and if any bugs are found then developers can work on those issues.

Copy Field, Update object, Generate Object

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