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Prospect Executive

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0.110/19/2020Vinay KardileAdded prospect executive roles and responsibilities document with reports, violations, etc

Responsibilities of the Prospect Executives:

  • Generate outbound leads and provide qualified leads to the sales team
  • Contact generation
  • Prospecting
  • Generate contacts pipeline
  • Identify strong potential prospects
  • Maintain leads sheet for future followups
  • Strong followups need to be taken
  • Provide accurate information to the sales team
  • Prepare daily lead generation report
  • Prepare weekly lead generation, channel success, and achievements report
  • Update the contact generation pipeline based on learnings – update next industries to target, etc


Marketing Qualified Leads: Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Reporting & Reporting Manager:

Reporting Manager
Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager

Following Reports are Expected from Prospect Executives:
1. Violation report
2. Lead generation report
3. Medium/channel report

Guidelines to follow strictly:

Escalations Matrix:

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