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How can we do the things in Report Builder?


  1. Label

Using this tool we can label a value with its title or category. There are certain properties of this tool given as below:

  1. Text: We can set a text to the label.
  2. Background color: We can set a background color of each label using this property.
  3. Font Color: We can set a color to the label text using the Font Color property.
  4. Font Style:
    • Font Family: We can set a Font Family (Font) using this property.
    • Font Size: We can resize the font of the label tet using this property.
  5. Text:
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Alignment
      1. Left
      2. Center
      3. Right
  6. Dimensions
    • Height
    • Width
  7. Border
    • Size: Size of border
    • Border Type: type of border (i.e. Solid or Dashed)
    • Color
  8. Condition
    • We can set the different types of visibility conditions on the label using the condition property. Here we have 2 options:
      1. By clicking on edit: You can select the form, fields and the operator then you can apply the condition on it.
      2. By clicking on the Show: You can write a JSON for the visibility condition.
      • Example:
      • {“nodes”:[{“type”:”condition_group”,”operator”:”AND”,”nodes”:[{“type”:”condition”,”operator”:”AND”,”expression”:{“expression_form_one_id”:”37675″,”expression_identifier”:”Marital_Status”,”expression_identifier_text”:”Marital Status”,”expression_operator”:”contains”,”expression_operator_text”:”contains”,”expression_value”:”fixed_value”,”expression_value_text”:”fixed value”,”expression_value_fixed”:”Married”}}]}]}

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