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Day 2 Training

Start of the day:

  • Tell new joinee to signup with the Axonator’s email id.
  • Tell him/her to check and learn each and every widget from form builder, Workflow and report with their properties. Tell them importance of knowing those widgets and platform capabilities at start.
  • Tell them to try each and every widget by creating dummy app.
  • Tell them to note down the questions which they have regarding platform, widgets (which will be cleared in Q&A session).

Once they complete the Platform Study task, tell them to check competitors list and create a report on ‘Comparison with Competitors’.

End of the day:

  • Ask them what did they learnt from today’s training.
  • Have Q&A session at the end of the day.
  • Clear their doubts.
  • New joinee should submit learnings over email & ‘Comparison with Competitors’ report. (To: Manager, CC: JP (Sales Head).

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