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Scheduler Architecture

Scheduler Class Diagram Version 2 (staging)
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  • Scheduler Consists of 2 main components
    • Behaviours
    • Scheduler Component
  • Behaviours consist of 2 components
    • App Behaviour – Task Time boxing, Scheduled Report
    • Form Behaviour – Event Behaviour, Calendar Behaviour.
  • Scheduler Component consists of multiple auxiliary methods to process, execute and schedule all behaviours.
  • Scheduler Component uses Event table and checks for events every minute to be executed.

Event Model

propertiesProperties of that event i.e event id, event type, mapped parameters, handler.
formobjectAssociated formobject of that event
statusCompleted or scheduled
schedule_dateNext schedule date
reminder_dateNext reminder date
callback_moduleModule of callback function
callback_functionFunction to be executed on scheduled date
createdCreated date
updatedUpdated date


  • Handlers are functions used by behaviours.
scheduler_notifyTo send email, app notification to users
trigger_workflowTo execute workflow and assign task to user
merge_reportTo merge all data and create report

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