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Axonator Automation Process, Features, and Tools list

Installation and Designing-

  1. Installation- Install Eclipse, Download Selenium Webdriver
  2. Project Structure- Create project structure
  3. Selenium & TestNG installation- Import selenium jar files, add TestNG to the project
  4. Demo Script- Scripting of any one feature for demo
  5. AutoIT Installation- AutoIT installation and demo script
  6. Base Class Creation- Base class file creation for all common functionalities which is used by all the pages, loading the configurations from properties file, Implicity wait, initializing webdriver, extent reports, file input stream which will be responsible for pointing towards the file from which the data should read.
  7. Utility Class Creation- Utiliity class creation, this will be responsible for storing and handling the functions which are repetitive like wait, taking screenshots, accessing excel, sending email etc. which is used in the entire framework
  8. Properties File Creation- Property file creation which will store the information which will be static like broweser specific information, application URL, screenshot path. The information which changes as per the environment like URL, login credentials etc will store in this file.
  9. Screenshots- Separate folder for storing screenshots and failed testcases screenshot will be included in extent reporting
  10. Apache POI Installation- Install Apache POI for accessing the test data from excel sheet. Create a demo for this.
  11. Maven Installation- Install Maven for build, execution and dependency purpose. We will integrate the TestNG dependency in POM.xml file and run the POM.xml file using Jenkins
  12. Jenkins- Using Jenkins, we will execute the test cases on daily basis and test reports will be sent to the team daily or based on the schedule

Features to be automated-

  1. Form builder with below functionalities –
    • Create form (positive and negative cases)
    • Drag and drop widgets with cut, copy, paste and delete
    • Change properties from the property panel
    • Delete, duplicate and action form creation
    • List preview setting
    • Behaviours
    • Form shortcuts
  2. Workflow builder with below functionalities –
    • Create workflow (positive and negative cases)
    • Drag drop steps and delete
    • Setting and changing the properties from the property panel
    • Delete workflow
    • Activate/Deactivate workflow
  3. Report builder with below functionalities –
    • Create reports (Document/Email)
    • Drag and drop tools and form fields from the left side
    • Setting properties
    • Delete reports
    • Duplicate reports
  4. Users with below fucntioanlities –
    • Add, edit and delete user
    • Add, edit and delete role
    • Assign and remove the role of the user
    • Import user
    • Search user
  5. Fill form with below functionalities-
    • Fill the form dynamically
    • Upload files from the device
  6. Data page with below functionalities
    • Verify data, data history
    • Edit data
    • Calendar
    • Boards

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