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Daily Status Updates

Here is the format of the daily status email. Please follow the below checklist to make sure your report is correct.

Document VersionRevision DateAuthorRevision Notes
0.110/16/2020Vinay KardileStarted the daily status report checklist
1.010/16/2020Vinay KardileReview is done

Checklist – Daily Status Report:

  1. Subject line: [Mention your team] Daily Status Report: <Date>
  2. Have you added main tasks (Projects/Activities)
  3. Have you added sub-tasks and time for each task?
  4. Have you marked the status? (WIP, Done, No Activity, Not Started)
  5. If “No Activity” then mention the last known status in the comment column
  6. If you have any links to mention then, links should be part of table and use small anchor text for links
    Watch tutorial here
  7. Is completion status added?
    (With percentage and total time spent on that project?)
  8. Have you calculated the total hours of the whole day and added it at bottom of the report?
  9. To: Respective team lead/reporting manager/manager
  10. CC: CEO of the company (
  11. In your daily emails – attach possible screenshots, links, etc on what you worked.

Statuses Meaning:
1. WIP – When work is in progress
2. Done – If the task is completed
3. No Activity – If no activity on this specific activity/task (but mention the last known status in the comments column)
4. Not Started – If any task you want to keep the manager aware but you have not started working on it yet.

Refer to the following sheet. Follow the instructions:
1. Copy this to your personal Excel and add your status.
2. Don’t directly make changes in this source/reference sheet

3. Make sure before you send this into an email, you have checked the above checklist

Here is the link to download this sheet or copy it directly: Daily Status Report

Mention challenges in your daily email: If you are working on any app issue raised by a client or you faced internally while developing the solution, put them into the following format and send in your daily status along with your daily report.

Here is the link to download this sheet or copy directly: Challenges Report

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