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After Project Delivery/ Client Support

Client Support & Troubleshooting document for client

  1. Data sync issue

If lots of forms are included check on which form the error occurred by monitoring after which form you faced the data sync issue.

  • Hard Refresh (Note: If you do hard refresh the drafted forms or records will be deleted.)
  • Submit one form
  • Check after which form the data sync problem occurs
  • Send the form name and issue over email to Axonator BA or POC.
  • They will get back to you with a solution and timeline to resolve the issue.

Sometimes data sync issues occur if corrupted image(s) is uploaded while filling out the form.

  • Open the forms which were not able to submit due to data sync issue (the forms will be listed in tasks)
  • Check all the images which user has uploaded
  • Check if any image is appearing in grey or black colour
  • If yes, click on edit
  • Remove the image which appears in grey or black colour
  • Submit the form
  1. If build crashes

Step 1- Update the app from the play store or app store.

Step 2-

If you are using an updated build and still facing the problem, please send below details to Axonator BA or POC.

  • Which device (Axonator/iOS)
  • Which OS?
  • How much Ram
  • Which build number?
  • How much free storage is available?
  • The Axonator team will get back to you with a timeline to solve the issue.
  1. User is not able to submit the form/ Save button not working (device- iOS)
  • Check if you are added in the user/employee form
  • Check your email id in App user and data (user/employee records) is the same. The email id is case sensitive. So please make sure the email id is exactly the same.

For example: Kajal’s email id in user records (1st image)  is the same as email id added in app user (2nd image) list (with the capital and small letters), so she will not face any issue while submitting forms on iOS.

  • If the email id is different or any letter in the email id is capital, open the data, click on user/employee data records. Click on edit after selecting your data.
  • Correct the email id and click on update.
  • Hard refresh from mobile and submit the records.
  1. Not able to submit Action form from the web Axonator

Action forms cannot be submitted by fill form from the web Axonator. Users can submit the form from the mobile application or they can create a task and fill out the form from tasks.

If the client/user wants to fill form/action form from the web axonator then you can use this process to create the task

For example, I have an app Facility Management in which on the Site (Asset Form) there are 12 action forms. I want to fill ‘Training Attendance’ action form on ‘Site 4’ from the web.

Then I will follow below steps to create the task from the web:

  • Log in with your credentials
  • Open the app
  • Click on ‘Tasks’ from (left panel)
  • Click on ‘Create task’ (top right corner)
  • Select the asset form- ‘Site’
  • Click on Continue
  • Select ‘Site 4’ & click continue
  • Select the workflow – ‘Training attendance’ & click on continue
  • Select User and click on assign
  • The task will be visible in the task list
  • Click on view and then on ‘Complete task’
  • You can fill up the details and submit the form
  1. I (client) am not able to  see the data I submitted on mobile.

Please contact Axonator POC and tell them about the data accessibility. 

  1. How to view/ download report from web Axonator
  • Open the app
  • Click on data
  • Click on asset form (if you want to download action form’s report then select the asset form on which action form is created)
  • Select the record
  • Click on history
  • In right side you can see the workflow
  • Click on ‘Generate Doc’ or ‘Excel’ step
  • Click on pdf icon
  • The pdf report will be open, you can download the report

  1. I (Client) not able to download/filter particular data
  • Open the app and click on Data
  • Open the form data which you want to download or filter
  • If you want to filter out the data – click on advance filter from drop down of search bar
  • Put the condition and click on ‘Search’
  • You can view the data or download the data by clicking on export option

Example: If admin wants to see user details in COVID Self Declaration app who have submitted form with employee having fever.

Open data and open the form data.

Click on the search bar’s drop down option.

Add condition-

Click on ‘Search’.

  1. Being an Admin I am not able to reset the password of the users

Due to security reasons, the password reset link is sent to the user’s email address.

If the admin wants the process to reset, such that all user’s password reset email to be sent on admin’s email id, then please email it to the Axonator team, they will do the account setting. Please mention the email address on which you want to receive the password reset link.

  1. Data not reflecting in choice list (List filter)
  • If the list filter is applied on the choice list then you will be able to see the records in the choice list according to the condition set in the list filter.


If in a checklist, the user wants to see employee names based on the designation he has selected in the form. Then once he selects designation as ‘Project Manager’ then from the employee list the employees who have designation as ‘Project Manager’ will show in the choices.

If the user selects ‘Technician’ then from the employee record the employees who have designation as ‘Technician’ will appear in the choices.

  1.   Access Permission settings

As the hierarchy discussed in the solution development process, the access permission is set accordingly.

  • Open the app
  • Click on users from left panel
  • Click on the user’s name to open the setting
  • Click on Access Permission
  • Set the permissions according to the level of hierarchy applicable to him/her
  • To set access permissions for particular user- open the app, click on users and then click on the name
  • Click on access permissions and then click on ‘Set Access’.
  • Select the field and the sites which access you want to give to that user
  • Click on the save
  • Verify if access permissions is set correctly by login in web axonator and in mobile
  1. Reports are not able to send to clients
  • Check the workflow ‘send email’ step and check if correct email ids are mentioned in it. If incorrect email ids are added there or you want to change the recipient, contact the Axonator team and send the correct email ids.
  • In some cases, the reports are sent to the email id mentioned while filling up the form. If you want to change the email recipients you can edit the record (from data – select the record and click on edit). And update the record.

  1. Data not reflecting on web/mobile (Access Permission)

If the user doesn’t have access to a particular site, then he/she will not be able to see the site’s data on mobile or on the web Axonator. You can contact the admin for giving the user that particular site’s access.

  1. If data accessibility from mobile is turned off then how can the user get to know whether his/her checklist submission is completed or not.

On mobile, users can see the logs.

  • Open the form
  • Click on logs (Three dots on top right corner)
  • You can see the details like- Records Submitted, Task Completed, Draft, Ready to Sync (data which was not able to submit due to internet connectivity) and log list (where you can see the time and name of the checklist which you submitted)

  1. I don’t want to give web axonator access to my employees, only the admin should be able to login into the web axonator
  • Admin can login into the Web Axonator
  • Click on Organization User
  • Select Role
  • Click on edit in front of role
  • Set the permission and click on ‘Save Role’

Production Incident Report

Whenever there is any type of issue faced by end users/client, create a Production Incident Report and send it to JK [CC- JP(– Sales Head), AK & GB ( ,– Product Head)] 

Responsible: Sales Team/ Support Team/ Solutions Team

Report should include below points:

  1. Incident Date & Time
  2. Incident Description
  3. Reason
  4. Technical team’s explanation
  5. Clients affected
  6. Impact on client
  7. Solution applied
  8. Nature of solution (Temporary/ Permanent)
  9. Permanent Solution Plan

Note: Sales, support and solution team can add the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th point. Ask the remaining points to the technical team.


  1. Incident Date & Time- 9th Nov 2021 (approx. 4 pm)
  2. Incident Description- Internal Server Down
  3. Reason- Solr service had high traffic, which made other requests to stall and take up ram. 
  4. Technical team’s explanation- 

Anuj: There was a sudden load on the solr search engine and it took a lot of time to complete each request. Other services that were dependent on solr were failing because solr service was taking time to respond and took memory and cpu.

AK:Solr service had high traffic, which made other requests to stall and take up ram. 

GB: We can’t auto scale Solr because EBS can’t be shared between 2 instances. We will need to implement Solr Cloud and zookeeper.

  1. Clients affected- CLR reported the issue, Solution team couldn’t show the application to client during meeting.
  2. Impact on client- CLR team couldn’t submit the data from Axonator for 45 mins to 1 hour.
  3. Solution applied- Restarted solr service
  4. Nature of solution (Temporary/ Permanent)- Temporary
  5. Permanent Solution Plan-  We can’t auto scale Solr because EBS can’t be shared between 2 instances. We will need to implement Solr Cloud and zookeeper.

Feedback call/ Email


  • Greet the caller. (e.g. Hello, Good morning- always check time before greeting someone)
  • Introduce yourself with the name of the organizations (e.g. I’m Kajal from Whitesnow/ Axonator)
  • Purpose of call and provide necessary details (e.g. I have called you to know your feedback on the “project name” project delivered by our Axonator team)

Your feedback will help us improve our services.

Is it a good time to talk to you? It will only take 4-5 minutes. 

If Yes – proceed to Questions. 

If No – request a better time to call back and note that time. 

(REMINDER: Limit the conversation to 5-6 minutes and keep track of the time.)

Listen to the customer. Take note of key information. (You can record the call so that you will not miss any point later)

Repeat information to the customer to clarify if unsure.


  1. How would you rate following in terms of 1 to 5 scording? (5 means you’re very satisfied, and 1 means you’re not satisfied at all)
  1. Communication of our team
  2. Professionalism
  3. Quality of work of our team
  1. How does the end result compare with the original project plan, in terms of quality and schedule?
  2. If key individuals aren’t satisfied, how should this be addressed?
  3. How satisfied are you with the project, overall? (1 to 5)
  4. One thing that the team should continue to do in future projects?
  5. One thing that the team should improve upon in future projects? If possible, please suggest improvements.
  6.  How was the behaviour/attitude of the team members?
  7. Do you plan to request the services of the Axonator again in the future? If so, for what project(s)?
  8. Do you have any suggestions for areas of improvement?

 I’ll pass this information to the team, and we’ll definitely look into how we can incorporate your suggestions

Okay. These are all of the questions I have for you. 

  • Thank the customer for the time. Add a pleasantry. (e.g. Thank you for your valuable feedback and time. Have a great day!)

After call, document all points discussed in call. 

Customer Name:


Mode of Feedback: Mail/ Call

Contact information: Mail id/ Contact number

Feedback is taken by:

Answer of all questions with additional notes if any.

Share with the team.

Keep it in record.

(Link of folder)


Customer: Suchika

Company: Lenskart

Mode of Feedback: Call

Feedback taken by: Kajal

Q.1 Please rate the demo out of 5?

Ans: 5, It was good, I had some queries that later i clarify.

Q.2 Do you find the information valuable?

Ans: Yes.

Q.3 Were you able to find the information you were looking for?

Ans: Yes. 

Q.4 Was there any information that you were hoping that the demo would cover, but was not included? If yes, what would you like to know more about?

Ans: Nothing like that, we gave a requirement and accordingly they gave the demo. So everything was fine.

Q.5 Frank feedback about areas of improvement about demo, members who gave demo,etc.

Ans. The demo that was given, initially shared a video that was manually made by a person and it was uploaded on youtube. So I felt that, if you can make it simple by showing it on zoom call where you can show that these are things and this way the layout is or if you have any questions you can ask. So, it was shared on a video that too was made some afar, there’s some distance between the laptop and phone so, I feel if you can directly show it to the person they won’t matter, it would be good for them that while you are showing the demo whatever questions you have you can directly ask at that time only. 


For Leads and Customers

You can post your review by:

  1. Writing email to us
  2. Posting your feedback/review on sites
  3. Video Feedback
  4. Like and follow our Social Media Platforms
  1. Writing email to us

We would love to hear from you. Your feedback means a lot to us. Your positive feedback will encourage us to do more good things and deliver the best service and if there are any areas of improvement, we would love to hear that too.

Please mail it at and

  1. Posting your feedback/review on sites

We would love to hear your feedback/reviews on the following platforms:

  1. Video Feedback

This is great timing, because we’re working on growing our video testimonials here on Our Axonator page. I would love to feature your company and project. 

You can capture a video testimonial and share it with us at and

Thank You!

  1. Like and follow our Social Media Platforms




We request you to not to mention below points as these are all subject to your usage of the app and the engagement contract.

  1. Free Trial
  2. Pricing
  3. Discount

For Axonator Sales Team

We need to make sure our clients will talk great about our product.

Testimonials must emphasize:

  • High customization
  • Fits my business perfectly
  • Not one size fits all approach
  • Our business is unique and we needed unique app generally not available in the market
  • We got it without any development work
  • Why is the Axonator different?

We would love to hear your feedback/reviews on the following platforms:

  1. Google Play Store: (ratings and review)
  2. App Store: (ratings and review)
  3. Get App:
  4. G2 Crowd: (click on write a review)
  5. The software suggests: (click on write a review)

Types of testimonials:

  1. Written feedback- Email (For our record and to know about improvement areas)
  2. Reviews on sites
  3. Video Feedback

Ask leads/contacts to like and follow our page on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter

Do not Write:

  1. Free Trial
  2. Pricing
  3. Discount

These are all subject to your usage of the app and the engagement contract.

Send below Email to leads/Customers for testimonials purpose:

Template 1:

Hello [Name],

Hope you are doing well.

How’s the app going? If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me.

Please provide your feedback on the following platforms. I would love to see your feedback about Axonator 🙂

We would love to hear your feedback/reviews on the following platforms:

1. Google Play Store: (ratings and review)

2. App Store: (ratings and review)

3. Get App:

4. G2 Crowd: (click on write a review)

5. The software suggests: (click on write a review)

Few instructions for review:

Please make sure you don’t write about the free trial period and the discount we have offered to you. That is all subject to your usage of the app and the engagement contract.

You can talk about app powerful features, how fast we developed it, you can talk about our customer service, or whatever you think is worth sharing.

Let me know once you post the reviews and ratings on these platforms. If you need any help please let me know.

Template 2:

Hello [Name],

Positive reviews from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing Axonator too. Could you take 60 seconds to go to [You can add any other link where you want the customer review] and share your happy experiences?

We will be forever grateful. Thank you in advance for helping us out!

You can refer below document for review guidelines:

Template 3:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for your recent purchase. We hope you love it. If you do, would you consider posting an online review? This helps us to continue providing great products, and helps potential buyers to make confident decisions.

Thank you in advance for your review and for being a preferred customer.

Please find below document for your reference, which will help you to post a review:

Asking for review via message/Whatsapp (other than email):

Mr. [Name], I really have enjoyed working with you on this project and value your insight. Would you be willing to share your experience with our company by contributing a short review for our testimonial page?

Service email

Subject: Axonator Service Email


Hello Team,

Hope you are doing great!

I’m checking in to see if you have any questions or need any help with our product. We’ve added quite a few features lately and I know it might be difficult to keep track of all our releases. I’d be happy to show you the ropes and address any queries you may have.

Recently, we got successful in creating simple and user-friendly Space management. Please go through the link and please let me know your valuable insights on it.

You can reach me by email or on my phone number given in my signature.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks & Regards,

[Your Name]

Note: add new features in the above para.

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