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Freelancer’s Guidelines

This document is important when we outsource the work to freelancers/people not employed with us. Freelancers must check this document carefully to understand the initial steps to start the project and the guidelines to follow while we are engaged for a specific work/duration.

Process of Starting Freelancing Work

  1. Axonator team to provide the documentation for code setup
  2. Axonator team to assign the task
  3. Freelancer to provide the estimates & daily dedicated hours they will be spending
  4. Axonator team to review and approve the estimates
  5. Freelancer to complete the given tasks as per estimates
  6. Sign NDA to start
  7. Vendor Registration

Note: Payment will be done based on task completion and hours logs sent.

Guidelines to Follow During Freelancing Period

We emphasize on Clear Communication. Here are some guidelines which when followed while working with us, will be a wonderful journey ahead. Making this entire freelancing work execution smooth is your responsibility and communication is the key to achieve it.

  1. Freelancer must send daily hours logs to the Axonator team
  2. Freelancer must send daily updates to the team
  3. Freelancer will have to keep the Axonator team updates with the progress
  4. Axonator team should not wait for updates
  5. No surprises. Communicate in advance: We understand there are some situations where technical or some other challenges may delay the planned work. We expect the team to communicate the delays in advance.
  6. Quick email responses: We expect the responses to our emails to be as quick as possible. Even though you are not able to reply at the moment, you should at least reply about when you can reply.
  7. Respond to every single email: It is expected that no email should be left unresponded. If something is discussed on the phone, you can say that in the response.
  8. Send daily updates: Even if you make very small progress, we expect you to update us daily by email or phone calls.
  9. Communication channels: We use WhatsApp/Slack for faster communication and approvals. F or the calls we use Zoom meeting (if you want to share the screen), you must be active on Slack when you are working on the Axonator project
  10. Response: Make sure that you reply on Slack/WhatsApp in real-time. Our team should not wait for longer than expected to get your response. It is important for faster communication.
  11. No Assumptions: You should always strive to be clear about your assumptions. Assumptions should never be made. If you want to make assumptions they should be clearly communicated. Making assumptions can ruin projects, relationships and cause heavy losses. Assumptions Kill.

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