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Ideal Website Page checklist

Following is the website review checklist:

1.Offer strong “Reasons why”!

Reasons why your product is different, reasons why you’ll deliver the benefits promised, and reasons why he should act NOW.

2. Always be specific!

Making sure every claim, reference and statement  as specific as possible..

3. Follow claims with examples and documentation!

The immediate backup of every claim or promise with some sort of example or documentation.

4.Back everything up with a world-class guarantee!

The risk-relieving demonstration of confidence you have in your product.

5. Use compelling testimonials!

What real customers are saying about their experience with your product, extended testimonials that tell a story of a satisfied customer who changed his life with your product..

6. The unique mechanism of action!

The unique way, method, or system in which your product is able to deliver the benefits promised..

7.Showing empathy:-

Highly detailed, vivid picture of your story that gives your prospect conviction that you’ve actually ” been there”.

8. Demonstrate the product!

Showing how the product looks and works in action..

9. Showing expertise!

Why your prospect should listen to you? Show that you are highly qualified to be selling the product.

10. Harness the power of publication!

Major publications that have mentioned your editor, your product, the benefits of your product.

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