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Proposal Checklist

Document VersionRevision DateAuthorRevision Notes
0.110/22/2020Vinay KardileDocument added and started making it a template. The entire flow & checklist is pending.

Here is the checklist to prepare a perfect proposal.

  1. Table color should be same & standard blue for ALL tables
  2. Max 3 colors should be used throughout the proposal
  3. There should NOT be a sudden change of color like from a lot of purple, then a lot of red anywhere
  4. Mismatched sections should NOT be assembled together from different sources
  5. Complete doc should be consistently designed for impression
  6. Margin sizes should be standard everywhere
  7. Put world-famous, international brand names as our customers in proposal, not the local brands
  8. Confirm all logos in the proposal for permissions/psychological impact/legality adherence etc

Master Proposal Link:

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