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What is the role of a QA tester on a Scrum team?

The quality assurance process includes many service levels and requires a solid understanding of software development to be productive. Every team role has its unique responsibilities that should never be neglected if you strive for quality products

Face–To–Face Communication:

Face-to-face discussion with the team is the most efficient way to communicate ideas to the time. A tester participates in Planning/ Release of the Sprint: The testers can participate in this meeting and ask questions on the stories being discussed. The tester should make a model in his mind about how the system would look and work based on the discussions.

Capability to find ambiguity:

The tester would work collaboratively and productively with the product owner and the customer to form acceptance criteria. An agile tester would be able to describe the feature well. Before any user story is sent for development the tester and other team members would discuss the complete user story with the team member to find out what the customer wants.

Absolute Role:

The tester should have good interpersonal skills. The tester should have Technical skills apart from that he should have good communication skills to deliver the project to the client. This shows that the tester should have a broader range of functionality.

Technical Skills:

An agile tester understands the relevance of technical skills. He/She is always prepared to contribute to the technical discussions of the team. His contribution may extend up to code reviews, user stories grooming, requirements understanding. The Agile Software Tester would work with the developers when they are performing unit testing and share the perspective of testing from a tester point of view instead of a developer point.


Agile testing involves automation at the time of unit testing and integration testing. For automation, there are many tools available for automation which does not require prior training for language. Here, we use Selenium.

Exploratory Tester:

The skill of exploratory testing is a very useful and powerful method sometimes in the agile process. An exploratory tester can utilize his skills to perform testing avoiding risks and uncertainty in the product. The tester can get ideas from the initial design discussions and the meetings with the team to uncover the system and explore more in the system. Once the tester is able to find out the areas of ambiguity the tester can work more systematically and efficiently in the product. An agile tester should share their knowledge and information with the rest of the scrum team.

With Agile Development, both testers and developers have to work together and the roles could be interchangeable. Hence, it is important that the requirements are frozen and the team is well informed. Testing will come into play right from the time when the user stories get written. Both the development and testing team needs to have a clear understanding of the expected scope of work. Transparency is the ground rule of Agile development.
The roles can interchange and even the scope of the project can evolve over a period of time. The testing team needs to sync in effectively within the development cycle to deliver the application with tested codes. The role of a QA in agile can involve both testing and development. The idea is that developers and testers must actively engage to deliver the code and complete the project as per the client’s brief.
QA helps to proactively address issues and potential bugs within an application during the development cycles. It can also help address functionality, performance, or security issues.
While dealing with pending issues, the QA team would be better equipped to provide quick feedback and effective collaboration with the development folks. This enables developers to respond efficiently to changes and go back and forth while the application development process is in progress. It even helps to bring down the efforts along with time and costs.

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