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Hubspot CRM Tutorial

In this Video session you will learn:

1. How to add contacts/Accounts into CRM.

2. How to use Hubspot CRM basic features and tools.

3. Below we have added some FAQ’s, please have a look into it.

Please watch the tutorial video of the same.

Below we have answered some FAQs, please have a look.

1. Will everyone have access to everyone’s data?

Answer: Yes, every contact you add will be visible and accessible to everyone.

2. Is there a super overview on the CRM?
Answer: Yes, there is an admin who has the super overview of the CRM.

3. Who is the Admin of the CRM?
Answer: There are 2 admin of the CRM one from marketing and one from sales.

4. On which constraints we will need permissions from the Admin?

Answer: If you need to change or edit the format or rules of CRM, then only you will be needing the permission from admin.

5. Is there a common dashboard for all?

Answer: Yes, there is a common dashboard.

6. How will the data be bifurcated when multiple users are active?

Answer: There are filter options through which you can bifurcate the data.

7. Is there a separate task list available for personal use?

Answer: Yes, it is under the sales option.

8. Will the email store the templates on contacts or campaigns?
Answer: It is stored in the hubspot account.

9. How to add multiple contacts in one go?
Answer: You can add multiple contacts in one go through uploading a CSV file.

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