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App Delivery Process

App Delivery Process

Once the application is tested by:
1. Solution developer (solution creator)
2. QA
3. Review by Business Analyst
Start the ‘App Delivery Process’.
– Add in CC in final delivery email
– Send an email to the client adding screenshots of the app stating that the app is ready.
1. Ensure all forms, wf and reports are correct
2. Remove the data submitted in the application which was added while testing and app review.
How to erase or remove data:
– Clear Data

– Save the forms or Workflow
– If the creator key is added in the application, then save the user form.
3. Add report receiver’s email id in ‘Send Email’ Step

4. Set user (which client has given) for ‘Fill Form’ and ‘Assign Task’ step

5. Publish the application.

6. Add or import the users

7. Confirm the credentials by randomly logging into some of the users in web as well as in mobile. Check if admin users are able to check the user option from the left panel.
8. Add the data given by client (Example: User details, site, locations, assets, etc)
a.  If creator key is added in the application, then add a user with your name and email id same as with which you have a login
If you have login with and creator key is added in the application then fill the user form with below details and
Name: Your Name
Email Id:
Please note that the email id is case sensitive, so type the same email id which is added in-app user.
Click on ‘My Apps’
Hard refresh
Open the app.
b. If the app is open by QR code, then create the QR codes:
– If there are few QR codes then follow the below steps:
– If there are lots of QR codes then follow the below steps:
9. Test the QR codes
10. Set Form and Access Permissions (If it is included in requirements and client has asked for it)
11. Check App icon, Organization icon, Organization time is set correctly.
12. Send App Delivery Email:
Refer to below sample formats:
Imp Instruction:
– Add which forms are included in delivery
– Play store, App store, and Web Axonator link
– Add process to use the application
– Add credentials file (Don’t copy credentials in the email body, send them in excel sheet as attachment)
– Mention UAT (User Acceptance Test) or POC (Proof of Concept) duration (confirm duration from sales head)
– Attach documents if required
– Attach a screenshot of the application- mobile and web version (option)
– Create a video for complicated processes and attach the video
– Add training video (very important)
– Add university link
– Ask for feedback
Important Instructions:
– Don’t share our password format with client neither share our (app creators) password with client
– Make sure default workflows are deactivated.

– Make sure to check the list preview of all forms are correctly set:

App Delivery Email samples:
1. Energenius
Subject: Axonator – Energenius App is ready for review
Email Body:
Hello Matteo,
The App is ready for the Review.
Please follow the below steps to download the app.
For Android Users: Download the app from Play Store
For iOS Users: Download the app from App Store
For Web User: Open the web application Axonator
Log in with your credentials  (Credentials file attached below)
To test the app:
– Login with your credentials
– Scan the QR code(Two QR codes are attached below)
– The Location and the Meter type will get auto-populated
– User needs to fill out the remaining details
– Submit the checklist.
We have added the 5 users listed in the attached sheet. They all have access to the mobile as well as web app for now.
– I am mentioning the link to the user manual for your reference. This includes topics like:
1. View the data, export the data in an excel file, etc.
2. View how to collect data using Axonator App.

Daily rituals for SolDev

Daily Standup Meeting:

  • Send task plan in WhatsApp group.
  • Consumption report for POC.
  • Progress Update for actual projects work.
  • Daily Work Update.

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