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Calculate Subform Fields

The below form script calculate the textfields values from the subform

 result_4 = 0;
 val_cal = [{'a':"Textbox_21"}, {'a':"Textbox_22"}]
function on_submit(ws){
  for(var i=0; i < val_cal.length; i++){
    var val = val_cal[i];
    var val_identifier = val['a'];
    var value = JSON.parse(ws.getWidgetValue(val_identifier));
    calculation(ws, value)

function calculation(ws, value){
  result_4 = result_4+value;
  ws.setWidgetValue("result", result_4);

In the above script, We have taken textfields identifier in a list that needs to be calculated. This will work on asset and action forms.

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