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Production update email format

Whenever any new feature or bug fixes are updated on a production server OR a new Android/iOS build is made live that time we need to inform the entire team about those features and bug fixes.

This is done by sending email to the team at “”.

Updates should be sent in the below format which is needed to mention in the Production update email-

Subject – Axonator has New Updates! (Web and Android App(0.6.2)) (4th and 7th May 2021)

Body – Hi Team,

Please find the updates from the list below –

Category TitleDescriptionReferenceScreenshots/Document Attachments/Links
FeatureAllow Future” property is added for the Date Time widget (Date, Date Time type only)This property will restrict future date selection. By default, its value is “Yes”.Sr# 1 from Product Enhancement sheet (Enhancements worksheet)
(This will be the link to the university site ( of Axonator).
BugChoice list in subform data was not showing on the default dashboardChoice list data which is present in the subform will be visible on the default dashboardabc.png (If any screenshot is present then put the name of the image here and attach with the email)

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