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Checklist for builds release (iOS and Android)

  1. Check the old build first when any new feature comes up on backend or in android, do normal testing
  2. Keep data in the old build and override with the new build, check the data, submission and further operations.
  3. Check new build by overriding the old build
  4. Log in and Log out functionality
  5. Form in inline mode
  6. Form in wizard mode
  7. Badge count for tasks, forms, apps
  8. Notification- app publish, task assignment, app delete, scheduler
  9. Check hard refresh (All changes should reflect when we hard refresh the app)
  10. Offline mode
  11. Ready to sync (data)
  12. Media permissions
  13. Record submission (Online and offline mode)
  14. Drafted records
  15. Validations (Validity conditions, required field, form script errors/warnings)
  16. Task submission (Offline and offline mode)
  17. Accept task, reject task
  18. Broadcast and release task
  19. Parallel tasks submissions
  20. Tracking history
  21. Adhoc submission
  22. Nested subform, Nested child
  23. Make offline app available feature
  24. Asset/Task edit when in ready to sync mode

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