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Questions for Lead/Client

Questions for the basic client requirement understanding

  • The number of users for the app.
  • Device type (Android/ iOS)
  • Access permission for data is required or not?
  • Form/ checklist access permission is required or not?
  • A number of admins & number of app users from total users.
  • PDF report for each submission is required or not?
  • Excel report in any custom format is required or not? (Custom export)
  • QR code integration or simple checklist?
  • Any scheduled tasks are there or manual checklist filling is sufficient.
  • Questions checklist to ask when we get many forms/checklists:
  • Ask frequency of each form.
  • Ask employee name and client names will be entered or should come from the system?
  • For forms that have multiple rows ask when is each row filled?
  • For each form when it is filled?
  • Some of them are forms and some are reports? Make sure we are clear about it.

Questions on Forms:

  1. Explain options available to build the forms they sent
  2. Who fills the entire form – single user or multiple users
  3. Do you need a single form? But it will be lengthy, is that ok?
  4. Do you need inorder (enforce the order) or random order as per your needs.
  5. Total number of users?
  6. How many checklists you will be converting to mobile app?
  7. Do you have complex forms? Long and complex?
  8. Are you going to need advanced & complex workflows?
  9. Approval workflows?
  10. QR code-enabled checklists?
  11. Do you need integration capabilities with your system?
  12. Do you need the integration with your assets?

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