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SonarQube Code Analysis


This document is for SonarQube code analysis and Pull Request decoration to provide code quality summary. This document will provide overview of SonarQube flow and rules used to analyze code.


SonarQube can be accessed from following link

SonarQube is deployed on a t2.small EC2 instance on AWS, packaged by Bitnami version 9.2.4 Community Edition SonarQube is integrated with Axonator’s Github account.

Following projects are configured on SonarQube:

  • ax-app-builder: Angular Project
  • ax-app-container: Angular Project
  • AXAppBuilder.Server.API: dot Net Project
  • AXIdentity.Server.API: dot Net Project
  • AXAppContainer.Server.API: dot Net Project

Sonarqube Community Branch Plugin is used to decorate Pull Requests with code analysis. Pull Request created for dev, qa and production base branches provide analysis details. GitHub Actions are triggered whenever there are changes in Pull Requests.

Note: To analyse other branches and projects, refer following doc , make sure to pass flag.

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