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Performance Criteria & Team Expectations

This article explains the performance criteria for an individual. The purpose of this document is to set clear expectations between the company and the employee. An individual’s performance evaluation doesn’t depend solely on coding or basic role. It depends on all the following parameters.
These parameters are provided for appraisal purposes as well as the goal-setting of individuals.

  • Code Quality
  • Number of bugs
  • Quality of output
  • Accountability
  • Client communication is expected
  • Following clients’ processes
  • The client will decide whether they want you on the project or not
  • If you don’t do assignments and just keep learning then it is of no use

Team Collaboration

  • Training your juniors
  • Mentoring them
  • Work as a team

Contribution to culture

  • Preserve and Enhance the culture
  • Respect People
  • Follow Code of Conduct
  • Professional Behavior

Innovation and initiative

  • Bring and Implement new Ideas
  • Take new initiatives proactively
  • Bring innovation to your work
  • A better way of doing things

The management takes the responsibility for the following things:

  • Timely Salaries
  • Performance evaluation based on provided parameters
  • Provide necessary tools
  • Facilitate growth of an employee by providing career path guidance
  • Resolving employee issues that hamper him or her from performing the expected duties
  • Providing a good culture and environment

Process adherence

  • Follow set process rigorously
  • Provide daily status reports
  • Regular monthly training sessions
  • We believe in clear and upfront communication
  • Timely communication is the highest priority
  • 360-degree sessions: importance and what it is

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