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Sr#FeaturesWebAndroidiOSIs Property/Widget/Step added?Description
1Undo option in GPS widget.NoYesNo
2Long press feature added for QRcode enabled apps.NoYesYes
3Face scan in the search barNoYesNo
4Hard refreshNoYesYes
5Group header in wizard modeNoYesNo
6Subforms: UX show number of widget filled out of the widgetNoYesNo
7Error/warning pop up and show/hide only invalid widgetsNoYesNo
8form cruise (long press + button to create asset form)NoYesNo
9Device registrationNoYesNo
10All device information in logs – Model number, make, build number, app version number, connected environment, asset creation, asset delete, Adhoc creation, etc.YesYes
11Image in widget indentationNoNoNo
12Reference widget “source_type” keyYesNo“If “”history”” : for adhoc copy asset object details(fot, fost, geofence, loaction) into reference widget
if “”choiceSource”” :list loaded from ‘choices’, not loaded from API. Only available for Reference Map in Android. iOS not available”
13Login UI changesYesNo
14Splash screen UI changesYesNo
15Empty screen UI modificationYesNo
16Release Version activityYesNo
17Exit option in appYesNo
18image list status in list viewYesYesNo
19remove about and add app setting screenYesNo
20Delete drafted task.YesNo
21auto sync pop up when net connection changeYesNo
22Added child count in inline modeYesNo
23On submit in sub form will work like on update of sub formYesNo
24App minor versionYesNo
25Task editYesYesNo
26Auto detect face (Verification widget)YesNo
27Reload button in asset and task tabYesNo
28SrNo field added in child formYesYesNo
29Child form opening shortcut removed if there are records or help text is present in the child widgetYesNo
30Scrollable title and subtitle for map reference records.YesNo
31Confirmation pop up added on task submission.YesNo

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