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Leave Request Approval Process

Description: Follow this process of approval for a leave request.

Purpose of the process: To maintain logs of all leaves for the HR team only. The HR department will keep track of all leaves which are needed for salary calculations, etc. So please follow the process of leave approval to avail paid leaves.

Only the HR team will consider leaves after the approval of respective manager. After that only the leaves will be considered.

Steps to follow: For leave request

1. Send a leave request email to your team leader
2. Your team leader will approve it
3. Once your team leader approves it, then the HR team will consider the leave.

TO: your team leader

Subject: Approval: Leave request <date>

Email Body:

Hello <team leader name>,

<Reason> <Date> <Mention important task if any>
<Mention when will you resume>

<If sick leave attach the medical cerificate>

Your team leader will approve the above email. Once it is approved, the HR team will consider the leave.

Note for HR team: Notify the requester on the same email once you noted his/her request.

Note for team leaders: You can directly send email to HR team and keep that employee in CC

Leave Policy for your reference.

Yearly Leave Policy
Following is the list of all types of leaves available to all employees. Leave Policy will cover the leaves an employee has and the number of leaves an employee can take. It will consist of sick leave, maternity leave, leaves during the probation period and leaves during the notice period, etc. It will also consist of the policies related to the Planned Leaves and Unplanned leaves along with the
leave application process.

Type of Leave Days Description
Sick Leaves (SL) 6 Days Medical Certificates are mandatory
Casual Leaves (CL) 10 Days7 days prior notice is necessary. Approval of Team Lead is necessary
Maternity Leaves 3 MonthsEmployees can take these leaves either prior the delivery date or after the delivery date
Leaves During Probation Period 3 DaysOnly 3 leaves are allowed if the employee is on probation period
Leaves During Notice Period No LeavesThere are no leaves allowed if an employee is on notice period
6Public Elections (MLA, MP, MNC)No LeavesYou can go for voting and attend office in the second half. You will have to notify your team lead.

Note: All above leaves are applicable only your team lead approves it otherwise your leave will be
considered as unpaid leave.

Leave Policy Notes 

● Comp-offs will be approved, provided they work 8 hours on the day of holiday. If an employee works on Sunday for 8 hours, he can take leave on any other day provided it will be only valid for 1 month. The employee needs to plan his comp-off leave from the date of work done on the weekend or holiday. 

● In case of week Offs, for the teams being managed by clients (development team), the team leader will review timesheet hours for the week. If the team leader finds the work was not productive, he/she will ask the team member to come to the office on week offs and complete the assigned task or complete the mandatory working hours. 

● Sick leaves do not carry forward to the following calendar year. Holiday calendar will be published annually and will consist of the public holidays for the calendar year. 

Leaves During Probation 

During probation period, you are allowed only 3 leaves which you can request with prior notice to your team leader/manager/HR.

Your leaves may or may not get approved based on business requirements. If you have planned work then only your team leader/manager can take the decision on your leave request. 

Planned & Unplanned Leaves 

It is necessary that leave/s are scheduled in advance and in a manner that balances both the individual’s desires and Company’s need for appropriate coverage on teams and projects. 

Any leaves which have been informed and applied to email prior to the specified date of leave will be considered as planned leave. You will have to notify your manager at least 7 days prior to your leave date. If this is followed properly then your chances of getting leave approval will be improved.

Any leave that is notified immediately and not planned by discussing with your manager, will be considered as unplanned leave and getting approval on such unplanned leave is not guaranteed. 

Leaves on Monday/Friday 

Monday/Friday, which marks the first & last day of the week, is a vital day for all business setups be it in any industry. We as a company, follow the same and believe in refraining leave/Work From Home requests on Mondays to cope up with the business requirements. 

Work from home option cannot be availed on Mondays. You will need approval from your manager/team leader. 

Weekly Off Sunday

 Note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, and to fulfill whatever losses happened during lockdown situations, we will be working on Saturdays by March 2021.

Yearly Holiday Calendar 

Following is the official yearly holiday calendar. These holidays are optional to everyone. Your team members, team leaders can decide whether to take a holiday or not based on the current situation of project deliveries, and overall plan. If there are delays in work, then such holidays will be canceled and later can be compensated separately by taking leaves on other days. 

Important Note: It is mandatory to share holiday calendar with your clients so they will be aware about it.

Date Day Expected Time
01/01/2021 Friday 1st January
01/26/2021 Tuesday Republic Day
04/13/2021 Tuesday Gudi Padwa
05/01/2021 Saturday Labour Day/Maharashtra Day
08/15/2021 Sunday Independence Day
10/15/2021 Friday Dussehra
74th November 2021 5th November 2021Thursday FridayDiwali (Lakshmi pujan, Padwa)

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