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Project Delivery Checklist

  1. Naming Convention- Appropriate form names, custom titles if needed and descriptions should be there.
  2. Test Data- Make sure there is no test data in the app.
  3. APK- If you are providing the apk link to the client then make sure it is publicly available so that anyone from the clientside can download the app from the given link.
  4. Hard refresh- If any changes are made in the app which requires hard refresh then inform the client to hard refresh the app before asking them to check the changes.
  5. Emails- Emails in the app (Workflows, scheduler, etc) are sent to correct email IDs.
  6. Decoration- Icons, cover and themes should be set for app, forms, account. Icons should be high quality, relevant, aligned with the theme.
  7. Account Validity- Check account validity with trial end date, account suspended status.
  8. Users- Make sure all the users password is set and all the users are active, Axonator team users should be removed.
  9. Access permission- Access permissions are set and verified on web, android and iOS.
  10. Form permission- Form permissions are set and verified on web, android and iOS.
  11. SMTP- Is client SMTP setup needed/done?
  12. Testing- App should be tested on web, android, iOS. Test the app with variety of data like the user is using the app. Example: If there is a textbox, then check by entering plain text, numeric values, special characters, etc.
    Refer the below links for testing (Not all the points needs to be tested from the link)- .
  13. Publish– Make sure the app version is published not publish for test.
  14. Project Update- Deliver the app with proper updates in the table format with the status and if anything is in progress then mention the progress in %.
  15. Confirmation- Confirmation from sales/finance/delivery head before delivery.
  16. Known issues- If there are any known issues in the app then mention those in the email while delivering the app.

Note- No spelling mistakes in the app, form, report, email templates, and users names and email IDs

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