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8st Oct 2021 – CMO Session

On-page SEO

  1. Remove the toxic backlinks asap
  2. Do not outsource backlinking outside an organizaiton
  3. Disvow the toxic links – from SEMrush
  4. Google doesnt like 404 pages so make sure it is either redirected or make that page live
    • Google increases the crawling frequency
    • There must be ZERO 404 pages
  5. Keyword and modifier in title tag
  6. Instead of having 20 pages on 1st page from 1000 pages have only 100 good pages from which 20 are live.
  7. Link to keyword using anchor text –
    • Internal – same for internal pages
    • External – link to highly authorized sites which Google respects or ranks on 1st page
  8. Use original images always – atleast 5 minimum images. Download from stock but do some changes
  9. At least one external link but to HIGHLY authorized sites
    • According to article on xyz we did this this (make sure the external
  10. Use only essential on-page checklists
  11. How to identify long tail keywords –

Thursday Meeting:

  1. We disucssed about status of previous session tasks
    2. Use plural keywords and make article like – top 10 no code platforms
    3. Start on-page optimization for blogs
    4. Symentic keywords and pillar posts – link the other blogs – internal links to other pages which will act like pillars
    5. Decide top 10 blogs and 10 landing pages for optimization

Friday Meeting:

  1. Write content for humans and not for robots thats what Google is trying to do
  2. Try to make paragraphs shorter as per USA standards
  3. Right way of doing keyword research
    • Brainstorm what would be the alternative variations of a keyword
    • Google like structured content
    • Google like FAQs
    • Deep analysis of top 5-7 pages ranking – take prints and highlight them
    • Anchor text – TOC in blog
    • Articles with differences between two concepts, software – those work more than anything so write such articles


  1. Hamingway for content checkup. Must be 7+ score.
Things we are not doingThings we are doing wronglyComments
Make sure we are not making pages down and also verify themDecide topics for Ebooks or articles which will be attractive and in which our target clients will get attracted
Do not use plural keywords like no-code platformsKeyword research
Add videos in every landing pageQuora: Provide genuine answers on Quora to help audiences
Ethical activities are important – why because they are scalable. (Do not use the third-party accounts to answer on Quora)
Optimize-press – Funnel for content

1st Oct 2021 – CMO Session


  1. WordPress Issues (Font and Other Website Issues)
    2. Article Review (Tofu Funnel “What is Facilities Management Software”)
    3. Huge Difference in Page Traffic and Leads (Traffic Vs. Lead Ratio)
    4. Content Assignment Review (New Content Writer)
    5. What is the need for B2B writing to be in a conversational style? Most B2b isn’t.
    6. What are the current trends in content marketing and content strategy?
    7. What should be the ideal timing/frequency for posting content?
    8. How much time will a blog take to rank? What about the timings of the cluster?

Session Notes:

  1. While writing the cotent make it highly conversastional
  2. Address their real-world problems that will help them to solve them
  3. There must be a blog author with some speciality and authority to write article/blog under that cateogy
  4. Make paragraph smaller. Maximum 2-3 lines.
  5. Conversastional blog has more conversion.
  6. Write the numbers in blog – like 5 key benefits, Top 10 features of….
  7. Formatting of the blog is important.
  8. Video title – Add attractive topics – Like: 3 Key steps….

Action Items:

  1. Blogs optimization – 10 blogs
  2. Sendinblue – verify the sender and domain
  3. Funnel management & setup

8st Oct 2021 – CMO Session


  1. Article Review (TOFU, MOFU and BOFU) Funnel
  2. Existing Article Review (Optimized According to the Checklist)
  3. Sendinblue (Funnel Management and Setup)
  4. Self Declaration App – Promotion and Webinar Ideas
  5. Next Keyword “Digital Checklist” Action Discussion
  6. Meeting to discuss the next industry, positioning, etc

Download Ebook – We should have one Ebook landing page and a lead capture form. Employee size, target of choosing or evaluating eBook – like objective of FMS software, Roles – Facility manager, CEO, Owner

Full Name, Role, Objective of Software, Are you currently, Work Email, Number of Employees (dropdown), Company Name,

21 Oct 2021

– Articles Reviews (Old + New as per CMO checklist)
– SendInBlue Setup (Problems and Configuration Setup)
– Next Targeted Keyword “Digital Checklist” Mindmap Review
– Optimize Press Demo by CMO

Point Discussed:
Minor Changes in Blog
Do not Use Numbers in URL
– Shorten the URL
– Add E-Book Patch at the End of the Blog
– Remove “More to Explore” Section on Blog
– Add Logo on Hero Section Image for each blog
– Add “Also Read – Related Blogs Links” Section on End of each Blogs
Content Guidelines Action Items
– Remove 2020 (Years) From URLs
– Do not Use Line Like “You can contact us at”
– Make Title as simple as you can (Think as per User Point of View)
– Clear Conclusion on Blog with Maximum 2 CTAs
– SEO Guideline and Action Items
– Use Squirrely Plugin to More Optimization (Setup Automatic Yearly Updates in Titles)
– Change URLs for the Blogs (More Focus on Search Intent of Users)
– More Careful on Internal Liking
– For Next Targeted Keywords 3/4 Blogs is Enough
– Technical Guideline and Action Items
– Remove Elementor Dependency (Start Implement Core Features of Elementor)
– Update Pro in Cloud flare (It Helps to Increase Website Speed, Automatically Convert All the Images in WebP Format and Caching)
– Automatic Platform Optimization For WordPress (Implementation for the Same)
SendInBlue Setup:
– Configure SPF Record
– Setup Funneling
– SendInBlue Integration with Elementor
– E-Mail Automation in SEndInBlue

Video Link:

27 Oct 2021

– Overall Update on Tasks
– SendInBlue Setup
– CloudFlare Setup

Point Discussed:
– Overall Update on Tasks
– Cloud Flare Setup (How we can avoid SSL updating issues)
– Discussed Alternative to OptimizePress (We can use Convert Plug instead)
– Discussed How we can Promote Andromeda (Can create a landing page with video etc.)
– Discussed Video Creation and Automated Scripting Tools

Session on ” Blog Promotion and Distribution“:
– Complete Session on “Blog Distribution Strategy” by CMO
– Discussed Various Ways to Promote Blogs (Quora, Social Media, Internal Linking, Third-Party Promotion etc.)
– Detailed Explanation on Each parameter From Checklist

Youtube Link:

12 Nov’2021

Point Discussed:
– Discussed SMP Meeting Agenda and Overall Plan with CMO (Added CMO’s Input in the Plan)
– Discussed Webinar Promotion Plan with CMO
– Discussed Which Strategy will be More Useful to Get More Webinar Attendees and Increase Brand Awareness
– Discussed Status of Overall Pending and Running Tasks
– Discussed How to Write a Quora Answers (Focus on Non-Promotional Tone)
– Discussed How We can Better Promote Post Covid Reopening Blog
– Discussed Axonator Store Pages Structure. No Need for Separate Domain for the Same. Refer GoCanvas for other Keyword Selection
– Discussed What will the Mailing Funnel for Signups and Other Leads
– Discussed How to Identify Our Targeted Customers

Next Action:

1.  Webinar:
-Record Webinar and Promote it through Paid Ads.
– Create One PDF Checklist and Promote It.
2. Mail Funneling in SendInBlue: 
– Setup Mail Funneling Using SendInBlue
– Create Structured Mails as per CMO Suggestions.
3. Extensive Report on Kissflow and GoCanvas: 
-Refer GoCanvas for Axonator Store Keywords and Create Report on Top Traffic Gaining Pages of Kissflow.
4. Quora Answer: 
– Change Quora Answers According to the CMO Suggestions.
5. Session on Facebook Ad by CMO: 
– CMO will Conduct a Session on How to set up Facebook Ad (According to the Priority). 

22 Nov’2021

Point Discussed:
– Discussed How to Search and Write Quora Answer
– Do not Overaly Formatted, It must be Look and Feel Genuine
– Choose Quora Question by Following Parameters Like (More Followers, Maximum Views, Popular Topics, Refer Competitors)
– Discussed FB ad Strategy (How to Promote Our High-Value Content)
– Discussed How to Select Target Audience and Re-Targeting
– Discussed Top High Traffic Gaining Pages of Kissflow
– Discussed Which Pages we Need to Target from the List
– Discussed Screpy Tool

Next Action:

Next Action:
– Change Quora Answers According to the CMO Suggestions. (Do not Overlimit and Overly Formatted)
– Create a Content Bucket in the TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU funnel. (Existing Content that we can promote)
– Content Bucket Must Contain 7/8 Articles, 1/2 Checklist, and 1/2 Videos.
– Create a Sheet with Ranking and Keyword Position Data
– Give Google Analytics Access to CMO
– Add Top Important Keywords in Keyword Manager (SEMRush)
– Start Working on Competitors Top Ranking Pages (Check for Which Keyword we Need Blog or Landing Page)

Tasks for CMO:
– Review E-Mail Bucket (Drip Marketing)
– Check can we add Another Project in Screpy Tool (Existing Account of CMO)
Tasks for Vinay:
– Check Why Kissflow more focusing on Project Management
– Check the Project Management Blog of Kissflow

24 Nov’2021

Point Discussed:
– Discussed How to Write a Mails for Drip Marketing
– Discussed How to Setup Funneling in SendInBlue
– Discussed Basic Criteria for Email Writing (Promotional + Generic)
– Email Automation Execution and Setup Discussion
– Reviewed Existing Mail by CMO (Discussed Numerous Pointers like CTA, Formating and Simplicity, etc.)
– Discussed Criteria for 1st, 2nd, and Others E-Mails (What should be the content that we are going to promote)
– Reviewed Quora Answer by CMO
– Discussed Which Keyword We are going to Target in December (No-Code Platform and Low-Code Platform)

Next Action:

– Select 7/8 Article and Create E-Mail Marketing Templates
– Create SendInBlue E-Mail Marketing Setup for FMS Audience
– Create Funnels for Different Types of Audience (We will Create a Separate Funnel for Leads we will get from the Contact Us Page, Demo Inquiry Page, etc.)
– Keyword Research for Next Targeted Keywords (No-Code and Low-Code)

30 Nov’2021

– Discussed Pending and On Goining Tasks
– Reviewed Emails (Drip Marketing)
– Reviewed Templates in SendInBlue
– Reviewed Targeted Keywords for No-Code Theme
– Discussed Email Writing Tips (Problem Statement, Aggregate Problems and Explore Solution, etc.)
– Discussed Schedule Timing for Emails (Wellcome Emails and Gaps Between Emails)
– Discussed Which Type of Content We can Promote (Article, E-Book, Case Studies, Recorded Webinar)
– Discussed How can We Proceed with Partner Programs
– Discussed Next Plan of Action for Partner Program
– Discussed the Preparation Parameters for Partner Program Like (What Industries they Serve, Te Company Size, Implementation Duration, and Incentive Structure)
– Discussed How We can Achieve Ready-Made Solution Strategy for Various Industries

Next Action:

– Implementtation of ConvertPlug Plugin
 – Create an Email Automation Campaign in SendInBlue for FMS Audience
– Keyword Research for Low Code
– Blog Finalization for No Code
– Create or Tweak Articles According to the Readers Intrest (Value-Based and SEO Friendly Articles)

02 Dec’2021

– SendInBlue Setup (ConvertPlug Installation)
– Integration of ConvertPlug with WordPress
– Discussed How We can do Plugin Management (Which Plugins we Need to Remove etc.)
– Discussed Preparation Points of Partner Program Strategy Created by Vinay 

Next Action:

– Integration of ConvertPlug and SendInBlue
– Create a List of All Plugins and Deactivate Unnecessary Plugins

06 Dec’2021

– Discussed and Implement Pop-up Banner for e-Book
– Discussed How to Set and Beautify Pop-Up Banner
– Discussed How to Fetch Banner in Landing Pages or Blogs (How to Insert Code on Landing Page)
– Discussed What will be the Flow of Automation for Demo and e-Book Leads
– Discussed Various Settings for Automation
– Discussed Meeting Summary of Partner Onboarding Call (Hosted by Vinay)
– Discussed Learning from the Above Meeting

Next Action:

SendInBlue Tasks:
– Delete Unnecessary Folders and List from SendInBlue
– Added all List in Common Folder
– Add 2 CTAs in Blogs (Like e-Book and Other)
– Setup Automation Funnel for FMS Leads (Cover All Pages and Articles Related to FMS)
– Setup Automation for General Blogs (All Categories)
– Setup 3rd Automation Funnels for the Leads that are not Converted or Done with Demo Phase

Website Tasks:
– Create Kissflow Alternative Page on Website
– Create Partner Program Page
– Update Home Page According to the CMO’s Suggestions
– BPA is Our Next Targeted Keywords

Partner Program – Meeting Learning (Hosted by Vinay):
– CTO’s can be Our Target Audience for Acquiring Partner Strategy
– We Need to Change the Home Page of the Axonator so that it will give Complete Clarity
– We Need to Create Partner Program Page
– We Need to Create Kissflow Alternative Page and mention Cost Credibility
– BPA can be our Next Targeted keyword

13 Dec’2021

– Reviewed All Mail Funneling
– Discussed What will be the Proper Structure of Drip Marketing Mails
– Discussed Nessesary Changes (SendInBlue Setup and Flow of Articles)
– Reviewed Partner Program Page
– Discussed How we can Target Partners through E-Mail Marketing

Next Action:

– Update All Drip Marketing E-Mails as per CMO’s Suggestions
– Create an Email Automation Campaign in SendInBlue for General Blog Audience
– Create Funnel for Partners (Decide How to Approach them through E-Mail Marketing)
– Updated Partner Program Page According to CMO Suggestions

22 Dec’2021

– Discussed How to Setup Hubspot CRM
– Discussed How to Add and Create dashboards, Forms, Contracts, Templates, etc.
– Discussed How to Integrate Hubspot with WordPress

Next Action:

– Integrate Top Most Pages with Hubspot
– Create or Add Contact Fields, Categories, and Entire Journey for the Same.
– Explore other Features of HubSpot to Streamline the Journey of Leads

27 Dec’2021

– Discussed How to Enable Automatic Lead Tracking in HubSpot
– Explored Other Important Features of HubSpot
– Discussed How we can add Promotional Banner on Blogs
– Discussed Overall Update of On-going Tasks

Next Action

– Add Tracking Script in all Website Pages Using Tag Manager
– Remove Covid Promotion Banner that Appears Lefthand Side of Website Pages
– Continue with ongoing Tasks as Discussed (No Code and Low Code Keyword Focus)

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