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Organization Induction Program – Day#1

The purpose of the program primarily focuses on effective new hire integration into the organization as this does not happen organically. New hires need some hand-holding them through the initial period to calm the nerves, and to get them warmed up for the challenges that lie ahead. During the course of the program new hires get an opportunity to acclimatize to the new work environment, company culture, and role. Since the first few days can be nerve-wracking for the new hire, the induction program ensures they don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed.

This is Day#1 induction program. Once you complete with below documents, you are requested to move to Day#2 document.

About Organization

We have delivered several scalable and secure software products ranging from those funded by SharkTank/TechStars to several complex projects for government agencies like Florida Department of Transportation, Orlando Airport, USAID funded projects led by Johns Hopkins University, private organizations like Cheney Brothers, SkyMed, Hertz, Enterprise, etc.

WhiteSnow Software website:

Organization Vision, Mission & Core Values

About Axonator Platform

Axonator is a zero-code cost-effective rapid digital transformation platform optimized for mobile applications used by desk-less field staff, featuring at the core the drag-and-drop based visual development platform producing scalable, secure and robust apps in a matter of weeks instead of months and years saving thousands of hours of efforts and pain involved in traditional development.

Axonator is a product of WhiteSnow. WhiteSnow has 15+ years of experience in developing and selling enterprise and consumer software globally with a huge customer base in the United States. 

Organizational Hierarchy & Key Staff Members

Following is the organization hierarchy and department structure. This is a high-level view of all departments and their respective management team.

Organization Structure & Hierarchy 2021

Organization Global Presence

The organization has a global presence in the US and India. Following are the office addresses. The organization’s goal is to become a global company and having offices at 5 locations in the world.

A Guided Tour of The Office Space

The company office space is divided into 3 floors. The following image will present the floor and their respective departments.

3rd Floor – Department of Business Development

4th Floor – Department of Engineering, Research & Development

Teress – Cafeteria and Lunch/Snacks Place

Organization Level Point of Contacts & Escalation Matrix

The organization-level escalation matrix will help you to understand to whom you should contact if you need any help or you have problems.

Organization Escalation Matrix

New Employee Onboarding Process Part #1

HR and Operations team is instructed to complete part #1 of the new onboarding process like creating email ID, PF account, initiate bank account, etc. Please follow the onboarding document.

Organization Induction Program Day #2

If you have completed the Day#1 documentation and onboarding process please go ahead with the Day#2 induction program

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