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Sales Q4 20 and Q1 21 Target Industries

Using Axonator we can build apps or solutions for any industry who are dealing with paper forms and manual processes. However from our experience, we are deciding to focus on core industry first which is proving a good business.

Following are the 4 categories on which we will focus more:

  1. Facility Management Services
    1. Facility Management – Example: Mercedes, Fujitsu, etc (Companies doing facility management for their own)
    2. Co-working Spaces – Example: Smartworks, WeWork, Awfis, etc (Companies doing facility management for their own)
    3. Facility Management Services Companies- Example: CLR, BVG, CBRE, etc (Companies doing facility management for others)

2. Partners – resellers (people who will help selling our product in their contacts, business customer, etc.) They could be IT companies, an individual person, etc.

3. Whitelabel + Mobilization – Companies who has desktop based software and need a mobile extension to collect data and which will flow to their desktop software by integrating with Axonator.
Whitelabel – means they want their branding, logo on mobile app and not Axonator.

4. Platform – IT Companies
Sell to IT companies who will use our platform to build applications or solutions for their customers, leads, etc.

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