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IT Services Email Templates

I am a very passionate technical architect and have delivered several scalable and secure software products ranging from those funded by SharkTank/TechStars to complex projects for government agencies like the Florida Department of Transportation and Orlando Airport.
We have built a truly talented and passionate team of developers from scratch. For every hire, 800 people go through our brain test. We write highly object-oriented, scalable, secure, and failsafe code, unlike many other companies that write bad code. Our expertise includes programming, testing, database, architecture, and DevOps.

Our Work Experience (please check on a desktop/laptop).
Mobile apps and startup work:

Web applications hosted on AWS/Azure for medium to large private sector companies:

Internal web apps hosted on gov cloud for city government agencies:

I have attached my profile here. I can also share the developers’ profiles with you as per your requirements which you can hire on a contract basis to work on your projects. We can make these resources available for interview or technical discussions for further evaluation.
I have also attached the company profile with this email. I can provide you verifiable US customer references once we move ahead to the next steps of evaluation.
Let me know if you need any further information.

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