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How to ask right questions

We have to ask the right questions on client requirements or RFQ.

Do not ask generic questions:
Wrong: Explain more, who will raise issues?
Right: Apart from technical team who else will raise the issues?

Always ask questions that will showcase our clients/leads that we understood their requirements and this is my additional question on it.

Format: I understand…..however I want to know about…….whether….will do…..

Ask for ready formats like invoices, forms, workflows, etc. This is for

How should we impress clients in closure meetings:
1. Tell them with confidence that JHU, Diamler, GMR Delhi’s airport choose Axonator.
2. Always use details like “ICR” department tested our security of the product and we got the clearance for security.
3. Diamler trucks are using our platform for quality inspection that means, world’s most great car and truck manufacturer choose Axonator for their quality inspection.

Don’t fight with competitors on such features which other competitors can easily claim that they can also do this or provide such features. Take example of Apple. They never compete with Android phones with SIM card, RAM, Speed, etc.

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