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Approval to Access Official Documents

Description: Follow this process for approval to access official documents.

Purpose of the process: To get approval for accessing official documents for maybe personal use/ applying for a loan/ applying for a visa or submitting as proof of working with whitesnow, etc.

Steps to follow:

  1. Send approval request email to your Vinay.
  2. Your Vinay will approve it.
  3. Once Vinay approves it, then the Finance team will consider the request.

TO: Vinay
CC:, janhavi,,,

Subject: Approval: To access official document for <Reason>

Email Body:

Hello Vinay,

<Mention your reason to access document>

<Documents List>


Your team leader will approve the above email. Once it is approved, the HR/Finance team will consider the access Request.

Note for HR/Finance team: Notify the requester on the same email once you noted his/her request.

Note for team leaders: 

Note for requester: If the request is not acknowledged by the respective team then you need to take follow-up for the same.

Important Notes for everyone:

Sharing companies’ confidential documents with employees is against our policies. So the following documents will not be shared with anyone.

  1. Company ITR
  2. Director Information
  3. Financial Statement
  4. Etc.

Documents we can share:

  1. Pan Card
  2. Tan Number
  3. GST Number/Certificate
  4. Incorporation Documents
  5. Address proof
  6. Etc

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