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Work From Home Request Approval Process

Description: Follow this process for approval of work from home.

Purpose of the process: To maintain logs of total working days and this process will help the HR team to calculate working days. The HR department will keep track of total working days which are needed for salary calculations, etc. So please follow the process for avoiding

The HR team will consider the WFH request after the approval of the respective manager. After that, the work from home request will be considered.

Steps to follow: For WFH Request

  1. Send WFH request email to your Team Leader. Mark HR in CC.
  2. Your team leader will approve it.
  3. Once the team leader approves it, then the HR team will consider the request.

TO: your team leader

Subject: Approval: WFH request <date>

Email Body:

Hello <team leader name>,

<Reason> <Date> <Mention important task in office if any>
<Mention when will you resume>


Your team leader will approve the above email. Once it is approved, the HR team will consider the WFH Request.

Note for HR team: Notify the requester on the same email once you noted his/her request.

Note for team leaders: You can directly send email to HR team and keep that employee in CC

WFH Policy for your reference.

Work From Home Policy 

We designed our work from home policy to make sure that working from home is beneficial to our employees and company both. We understand that there might be emergencies that you are supposed to handle, unavoidable work at home, environment issues, etc in such cases you can apply for work from home. You will have to send an email to your team leader to approve your work from home. If you don’t get approval and still you fail to come to office that will be considered as unpaid leave. 

Following is the criteria to avail work from home facility. 

● Not for freshers excluding holidays & weekends 

● Not allowed during notice period 

● WFH is allowed for those who complete 1+ years in WhiteSnow 

● Max 3 WFH per month and if exceed then will be considered as leave ● Approval from team leader is must for WFH 

● You will have to inform WFH one day in advance 

Prerequisites for WFH 

Following are the prerequisites to avail Work From Home facility: 

● Power backup required 

● Stable internet connection 

● Collaboration with the team 

● Presence in team standup/meetings 

● Active communication – update of lunch, or any break, etc 

● Quiet environment (manage during calls) 

● Daily report and hours logged in timesheet

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