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Reimbursements Request Approval Process

Description: Follow this process of approval for a reimbursement request. Please follow the steps mentioned below to make a reimbursement request. You can consider the same request process for reimbursement of ordering new hardware, new devices, prints etc.

Purpose of the process: To maintain logs of all expenses through the finance team only. We have established a finance team who is responsible for taking necessary approvals, maintaining bills, etc.

Only finance team will approach Jayesh for approval and not everyone because it becomes very difficult to maintain all expenses and keep the finance team updated with it.

Steps to follow: For purchase requester
1. Send a reimbursement request email to your team leader and finance team.
2. Once your team leader approves it, then the finances team will get the necessary approvals.
3. Once the reimbursement is processed you will get the confirmation from finances team

CC:,, your team leader

Subject: Approval: Reimbursement request <item name>

Email Body:

Hello <team leader name>,

Please approve the following reimbursement request.
reimbursement Item:

Order Details:

Details of item:

<Attach Bill with this email with the company name and if GST is included then company GST number is mandatory on that respective bill>


Your team leader will approve the above email. Once it is approved, the finance team will take the necessary approvals and place the order.

Note for finance team: Notify the requester on the same email once the request is noted.

Note for team leaders: You can not directly send email to finance team for reimbursement request on behalf of employee.

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