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Organization Induction Program Day #2

WhiteSnow Guidelines

Following are the guidelines

Communication guidelines

Grammar & English guidelines

WhiteSnow Twips – for English and Vocabulary

Process Instructions

In this document, you will go through different important topics Daily stand up & Productive timesheets, Discussion of approach design, communication guidelines.


Performance Criteria & Team Expectations

It’s very important to keep your good performance so this article explains the performance criteria for an individual. The purpose of this document is to set clear expectations between the company and the employee.


Standard Procedures to Follow

Documentation Process
Code comments
Video documentation


Stages & Precautions to be Taken


During Probation

During the probation period, you have

During Notice Period

Team & Manager Introduction

During the notice period if someone doesn’t work properly 8 hours then leave will be considered and the notice period will be extended

Learning Sessions & Procedures to Follow

Company Policies

HR Policies

This HR Policy document explains the various policies of the organization, yearly leaves, attendance, team performance management, etc. Team members will have to follow the processes mentioned in this document to help the organization work smoothly and efficiently through processes. The purpose of this is to make everyone in the team aware of organization policies, their benefits, and guide everyone with procedures to apply for leave, performance criteria, etc

Probation Policy

Full-day and half-day Leave

How to Apply for Leaves: URL

Work From Home Policy

Increment Policy

The objective of the policy is to eliminate ambiguity and bring in standard streamlined procedures that will be realistic, enforceable, practical & acceptable to all. Increment or salary revision is a Performance & Merit-based increase and cannot be considered as a matter of right or entitlement by every employee.

Information pertaining to benefits, incentives, and appraisals

Reimbursement Policy

Purchase Order Policy (order request)

Employee Exit Policy

If you are unfortunately terminated or fired by the management or company you will have to serve a notice period of 1 month or whatsoever will be decided by the company. It has the following aspects. Please read the document below to understand termination procedures.

We are Open For Feedback

We understand the improvements are always needed. We believe in open communication to understand the gaps through open feedback to management to improve our processes, office culture, etc.

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