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Strategic Partners Template #1

Hi John,
Do you currently provide a hardware or software solution that is focused on installation, maintenance, asset management, etc in a field service environment?

If so, our Strategic Partner program will help you to expand your business. We can discuss how we can integrate Axonator into your solution/services in order to enhance your product offering and grow your user base.

As an Axonator Technology Partner, your solution/services will be listed in our partner directory, giving you exposure to Axonator’s 12000+ users spread across 90+ countries and helping you attract more users for your own technology. As a part of this program, you’ll also get marketing and product support, be invited to events, and more.

This strategic partnership will land both of us in a win-win situation to expand business opportunities in the near future.
Let me know if you are open to taking this opportunity ahead. I would like to schedule a business discovery call with you.
Let me know your availability.

Strategic Partners Template #2

Hi John,I am Jayesh Kitukale, founder and CEO of Axonator Inc, Austin Texas. I wanted to reach out to you for discussing a high potential strategic partnership with your organization. I believe you provide ERP software to your manufacturing clients. 

Axonator is a no-code field workflow automation platform that has many use cases in the manufacturing industry like quality control, audits, inspections, and reporting. With Axonator it is extremely fast and easy to build and deploy mobile apps for process automation without coding. Fortune 500 companies like Daimler and CBRE have already successfully adopted our platform for their field operations.
I was thinking it would be a win-win situation for our organizations to collaborate and scale together. 
What do you think? Would you be open to discussing this growth opportunity over a call this or next week?
If you are not ready we can still have a call to exchange notes about your industry and business. 

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