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Form Manifest keys

Where to set the form manifest?

  1. Login to the admin site with the admin credentials.
    For QA –
    For Stage –
    For Production –
  2. Click on the “Forms” table.
  3. Search for the form id for which you need to set the manifest.
  4. Scroll down, you will get the “Manifest” section, refer to the below screenshot-

5. Set the form manifest and click on the Save button.

Below are the Form manifest keys-

Sr#KeysWebAndroidiOSIs Property/Widget/Step added?Possible valuesExampleDescription
To enable ad-hoc for a specific form, the asset Form object list will be visible.
“behaviors”: kiosk
To show the confirmation pop up with “Save, Save as draft and submit” on the save button.
Entry mode for the form – Either inline or wizard.
To set the font size of prompt of wizard widgets.

“fh”: “Help view html content”

Add in the form JSON:
“fh”: “Help view html content”
“Form help at the top or bottom.
fh is used to put the form help content.”
“Search behavior of the task. Tasks will be searched only when the user inputs in the search bar.
And last visited task is searched.”.
For the visibility of the tasks tab in the form.
For the visibility of the CSV export icon.
Open the form in inline mode at the first and then in the wizard after clicking on any widget.

Form entry mode should be Wizard to work this key.
11searchBarSettingNoYesNoNo“isAssetBarCodeVisible”: true/false,
“isTaskBarCodeVisible”: true/false,
“isAssetFaceVisible”: true/false,
“isTaskFaceVisible”: true/false
“isAssetBarCodeVisible”: true,
“isTaskBarCodeVisible”: false,
“isAssetFaceVisible”: true,
“isTaskFaceVisible”: false
For the visibility of barcode or face icons in the search bar.
The form will directly get open without clicking on the + button.
To enable the QRCode scanning for the app.
Starts timer after form object submission and on end timer opens new form object.
For filtering ref objects offline.
16(Sub form) – “entry_mode” in form JSON against the widget.NoYesNoNoinline/wizard/default{
For opening the subform in inline or wizard.
17(Face verification widget) – “auto_detect” in form JSON against the widget.NoYesNoNo1/0{
Auto-detect will be enabled for the verification widget.
18defaultCamera in form JSON against the widget.NoYesNoNofront/back{
Default camera setting for verification and Photo widget.
To make the form public.
20allow_addingNoYesNoNo1 – Show
2 – Hide
To change the visibility of the “+” button.
21polling_settingsNoYesNoNo“start_polling_on”: “search”/”onLoad”{
“polling_settings”: {
“polling_enabled”: true,
“start_polling_on”: “search”, 
“polling_time”: 5
To Send Popup to the user when a new Task is available but not visible in the Task tab.

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