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Team Augmentation Email Template

Primary Email

Hi Name,

I just studied your platform/services which is similar to WhiteSnow Software services. The reason I wanted to contact you is that I realize you are looking for a (Python Developer) for your product/services and we have one of our Python developer is getting available in the next week and so I thought to contact you and the interesting thing is that,

The developer/engineer who is getting available is has worked on various project and industries. He is a core programmer, AWS certified engineer so he will be really good fit for this position, I request you to consider his profile and see if you can evaluate him technically so that you can use him Full-time remotely on your project.

Being a services company, there can be multiple technologies involved across different clients. Our developers are hired through the process that makes sure the developer is dynamic and is adaptable to new technologies without spending much learning effort.

We follow the model of revitalizes the client’s technology needs with vast experience and expertise in software development, with the apt use of different development methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Prototyping & Scrum.

Follow up #1

Did you get a chance to go through my previous email?\

I was thinking to share one of the engineers profile with you.

Attach the developer profile

Follow up #2

I just wanted to check if you got the chance to check my previous email? In case you missed it, here I am some more information about the company and services.

Following are our clients’ projects on which our developers worked successfully:

Here are some examples of our work:

Follow up #3

Hi Name,

Send video of GB about how he is communicating with the client this is one of the example.

We write highly object-oriented, scalable, secure, and failsafe code, unlike many other companies that write bad code. Our expertise includes programming, testing, database, architecture, and DevOps. (attach Images)

Follow up #4

This email should sound like you are helping our consulting them.

I am just helping you to accelerate the development and instead of hiring and training the developer this developer already have expertise working on multiple technologies and industry. we would like to share our expertise with you.

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