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Did you know that 2 out of 3 field workers struggle to send regular reports to their managers?
Paper-based reporting, lost records, and lack of transparency over the ongoing field activities are major concerns organizations face today.
That’s why we, at Axonator, have introduced a cutting-edge, no-code field workflow automation platform – to help organizations automate their field processes and reporting.
It does not only help organizations to send and receive automated reports but also derive insights from the processes.
Start automating your field reporting today!

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Automating your field safety workflow would not only help you in streamlining daily operations but also help you save time and costs. Start automating your field safety workflows today!
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Automated field workflows using No-code platform = Streamlined processes & a business that you run, not one that runs you!
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Are you still using paper forms and manual processes to perform maintenance tasks on the field?

Don’t worry. Axonator can help you solve this problem.

Explore Axonator no-code platform that enables you to build mobile maintenance app within a week. 

Effortlessly automate preventive and corrective maintenance workflows to minimize equipment downtime and maximize efficiency.

Put an end to manual processes now!

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Eliminate the hassles of your paper and desktop-based asset management processes using the Axonator no-code mobile platform.

Effortlessly record, track, manage, and send asset information using a smartphone and achieve complete visibility into asset and equipment lifecycle using asset management app. 

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