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Data security and Compliance

1.Never ever export and import or duplicate client apps or data anywhere else for any reason!

  • Reason: Double visibility to client and data security issues.
  • Explanation: Duplicating or exporting client apps or data increases the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. It exposes sensitive information to additional points of vulnerability and could potentially compromise client confidentiality.
  • Impact: Upholding this rule ensures client data remains secure and reduces the likelihood of data breaches or privacy violations.

2.Never share passwords in email with clients

  • Reason: Email is insecure and prone to interception.
  • Explanation: Email communication is susceptible to hacking and interception, making it unsafe for transmitting sensitive information such as passwords. Only management should handle the sharing of passwords using secure methods.
  • Impact: Protects client accounts from unauthorized access and reduces the risk of password exposure, enhancing overall security posture.

3.Never use weak passwords for client logins

  • Reason: Weak passwords are easily guessable and prone to exploitation.
  • Explanation: Weak passwords increase the likelihood of unauthorized access to client accounts, potentially leading to data breaches and compromised client information. Using strong, complex passwords mitigates this risk and enhances account security.
  • Impact: Enhances the security of client accounts, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

4.Never access client accounts without their written permission

  • Reason: Protects client privacy and ensures transparency.
  • Explanation: Accessing client accounts without explicit written permission violates client trust and privacy. Obtaining written permission establishes clear consent and provides a record of accountability for all actions taken.
  • Impact: Demonstrates respect for client privacy and ensures compliance with ethical and legal standards, fostering trust and transparency in client relationships.

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