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Client Delivery Checklist


  • Check if all the unused fields are either hidden or deleted
  • Test if all the visibility and validity conditions are working
  • If some fields are getting auto populated, check if they are working
  • For the reference fields, checking if all the objects are visible in the dropdown list 
  • Check if data is getting synced successfully
  • Check unwanted forms are deleted before delivering to client 


  • Check if the right email is entered for send email step
  • Checking if the whole workflow is getting executed once the data is submitted
  • Check if workflow is active while delivering 

PDF Reports

  • Check if the report is getting generated
  • Check if the alignments are correct or not 


  • Checking if the data is getting updated on the dashboard
  • Checking if all the filters are working or not


  • Check if the app is published or not
  • Asking the client to hard refresh before using the app
  • Checking if the data is getting exported correctly 
  • Check app functionality in iOS and Android 
  • Check Client is receiving all the notifications/Email
  • Check event is getting schedule on calendar or not
  • Check if all the users added to the the app
  • Check if all the access permissions and form permissions are updated as per the requirements
  • Check data on data tab of (auto, layout, card view)

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