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App login/Account Manifest Keys

Where to set the Account manifest?

  1. Login to the admin site with the admin credentials.
    For QA –
    For Stage –
    For Production –
  2. Click on the “Accounts” table.
  3. Search for the account id for which you need to set the manifest.
  4. Scroll down, you will get the “Manifest” section, refer to the below screenshot-

5. Set the form manifest and click on the Save button.

Below are the Account manifest keys-

Sr#FeaturesWebAndroidiOSIs Property/Widget/Step added?Possible valuesDescription
1lte (app login)NoYesNolocation tracking enabled
2ida (app login)NoYesYesis Adhoc Task Creation Enable
3dfm (app login)NoYesNois Default Form Inline
4ifse (app login)NoYesNois Form Setting Enabled
5itua (app login)NoYesNois Task User Available (Visibility for user status beside the sync button)
6delete_apps_on_logoutNoYesNoThis key is used to configure whether to delete the apps every time you logout from the app and login with the same user.
7isFormCachingEnableNoYesNoForm caching will get start.
8oud (Organization details in app sync)YesNoOrganization updated time.
9uud (User details in app sync)YesNoUser updated time
11humanize_date_timeYesNoNo“yyyy-mm-dd”You need to set the date format as value to this key.
12“reset_password_email_recipients“YesNo[“[email protected]”, “[email protected]”]This will send the reset password link to the email mentioned in the value to this key.
set limit on import Data

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